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Austin Pools Opening Soon

By Danielle White, May 30, 2018, 7:00am, Events Blog

It may technically be springtime in Central Texas, but the sun doesn't care. The 100-degree days are already upon us, and Austin's outdoor sauna likely won't be letting up anytime soon. What can ya do besides complain about the heat?

Sure, movie theatres offer an air-conditioned refuge, and there are plenty of cold, dark bars to crawl into, but most of us aren't actual vampire bats and we need a little vitamin D now and then.

A trip out of town to a swimming hole is always nice, but if your schedule doesn't accommodate a full day off or you're in need of more immediate assistance, consider one of the city's neighborhood or municipal pools for a quick dip. Some are open year-round (Barton Springs, Deep Eddy, and Big Stacy), and some are closed this summer (Govalle, Mabel Davis, and Shipe), so here we've compiled a list of neighborhood pools (we left off splash pads) and the dates they will be open (unless otherwise noted). The city lists the hours on their website.

Chances are there's a pool close enough you can walk or bike to it from where you live. Most are free to access, but be sure to bring a couple dollars with you just in case.

June 1 – Aug. 18

12017 Amherst

2300 Rosewood

Dick Nichols
8011 Beckett

Dove Springs
5701 Ainez

June 4 – Aug. 18

6710 Arroyo Seco

Canyon Vista
8455 Spicewood Springs

3700 N Hills

3811 E. 12th

1626 Nash Hernandez Senior

1200 Montopolis

4200 Brookview

1009 W. Dittmar

4201 Burnet

2600 Pecos

2000 Enfield

June 11 – Aug. 12

513 Vargas

Dottie Jordan *closes Aug. 18
2803 Loyola

6611 Auburndale

Parque Zaragoza
741 Pedernales

2504 Durwood

West Austin
1317 W. 10th

Side note: If you're really a water fiend, keep in mind that even this late in the season the city is still looking to hire lifeguards.

For more on the history and future of Austin's city pools, plunge into the deep end with this week's News feature by Nina Hernandez.

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