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A Primer to CinemaTexas Rewind

By Danielle White, April 13, 2018, 2:00pm, Chron Events Blog

Back in the days of yore when people actually talked to each other and somehow lived without the internet, or video rental places even, some young cinephiles in Austin created their own programming initiative at UT’s Radio-Television-Film Department.

For each film presented at Jester Auditorium, there were program notes, which have now been transcribed and published in book form. A combination of classic films and obscure projects, it’s a handy primer for anyone who, like, really likes movies.

Austin Film Society has programmed some of these selections and invited the "Notes" writers to present the films as part of a monthlong series at the cinema. On Tuesday, April 17,

Chronicle Publisher Nick Barbaro will host two avant-garde shorts: Standish Lawder’s “Necrology,” and “Corruption of the Damned,” directed by George Kuchar and starring his twin brother Mike.

“Necrology” is only 12 minutes long, and you can watch it on YouTube, but it looks pretty crappy. It's the sort of film that would be played continuously in the back room at an art museum. Not exactly entertainment, but it should make you think.

The Kuchar brothers started making films in the Fifties, when they were 12, and became part of the NYC underground scene in the Sixties and Seventies, cohorts of Warhol. "Corruption" is a twisted take on familial relations. Barbaro describes it as "one of the most unconventional, conventional, immoral, moral and amoral films ever made."

CinemaTexas Rewind is running through April 22.

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