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Architects of Air in Austin

By Chrontourage, January 23, 2012, 2:10pm, Events Blog

On the last day of the exhibit, a few of us were lucky enough to experience the touring Architects of Air sculpture that made the Long Center's lawn home for a week.

The touring art exhibit whose giant inflatable structures showcase the beauty of light have made over 500 stops in 37 countries since 1992. Light filters through the walls of the 'luminaria', enveloping you in pure reds, greens, and blues as you wind your way through a honeycomb of Persian bazaar-inspired chambers. Imagine you've walked into a Tron landscape or a Flo Rida music video. The natural light and bending colors provided some of the most psychedelic images we have ever laid our eyes on.

The experience was amazing - And we sincerely hope they decide to come back to Austin again soon so more people have the opportunity to experience such a unique treat.

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