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Estate Sale Roundup: November 7-9

By Anne Harris, November 7, 2014, 9:04am, Chronique

Get up early, you'll want to hit all the estate sales this weekend.

Margaret Moser's Garage Rock Sale, Pt. Deux
If you really could buy another person's memories, Margaret's would be the ones to have. While you still can't do a Spock-like mind-meld, you can get pretty close with the tons of ephemera and collectibles you'll find here. Chronicle lore has it that Margaret moved houses frequently in the early days, notable because every account features how much stuff she had and how heavy it was (we owned LPs back then, a few cassette tapes, and the lingering random 8-track). You will see how Margaret's stuff got a reputation of its very own! And lucky you, you get to take a piece of Austin music history home with you!South Austin Popular Culture Center, 1516-B S. Lamar; Sat., 11am-7pm.

A Taste of History
Mr. R passed recently and Mrs. R needs to shed a few memories. He was an aeronautical engineer with a military influence,civil war buff who loved wood working. We are helping to clean out his garage along with items in the home and from the yard in preparation to possibly move in the future. Mid-century modern handmade table with four chairs; Red leather swivel moon/bucket chair; Ikea square coffee table; blonde Ikea Rorelse hanging décor; MCM white hanging or table lamp; vintage postcards and booklets from travels abroad. A few circulated stamps; $5 commemorative coin; Heroes of the war of the pacific Coins and paper money; Peoples Republic of China Myanmar old stamps; resin dragons; terra cotta Chinese warriors and horse; Costa Rican wood flute; Ocarina whistles; iron and wood figurines Albuquerque NM; RC Gorman ceramic tiles made into trivets; wall hanging water buffalo horn; Gemsbok horn; fossilized jaw bone of a walrus; devil fish skeleton; framed and mounted specimens, huge scorpion, Browr. Stay Beetle, Rhinocerous Beetle (male), and a Dung Beetle. Minerals, fossils, rocks from Tucson AZ. Grenade (missing pin); hollowed-out missile grenade; Imperial Heavy Duty Commercial stand-up freezer 01/93 Model UL2493ECWI; Maytag White French Door bottom freezer with Icemaker 2008 Model MFF2557HEW; Yeivachi Navajo rug, 4ft x 6ft, possibly 1950’s, used by dancers in the ceremony of the corn; ceremonial corn figure weave; Navajo Sand painting; 1978 Fountain from Home Collections; “Artistic Dreams” Blue print. The blueprints are of cars, planes, aeronautical items. Books: Colt – The American Legend by R L Wilson History of the World – 3 book set (1) Earliest Time to the Renaissance (2) Renaissance to WW1; (3) WW1 To Present Day; set of two illustrated Photographic History of the Civil War; Set 5 Illustrated Photographic History of the Civil War; Improvised Munitions Handbook; US musket, rifles and carbines by Col. Arcadi Gluckman; United States Martial pistols and revolvers by Col. Arcadi Gluckman Tiger in the Sky – Gen.Robert L Scott NRA Handgun Assembly Golden State Arms World’s Guns and Other Weapons; The Revolver 1865- 1888 Battles of the Civil War – The complete Kurz & Allison Prints Famous Guns from the Smithsonian Collection Various Collectors Guns books Famous guns from the Harold’s Club Collection Crusade in Europe by Dwight D Eisenhower Set 24 Weapons and Warfare collection History of the First World War – 4 volumes Commemorative edition Special Forces Soldier’s manual; very large Human Anatomy book. Credit cards, cash and checks accepted. 1000 Sunset Canyon Dr. S., 78620; Fri.-Sat., 9am-3pm.

Private Estate Sale, Packed House
This Northwest Austin home holds the estate of a compulsive collector and contains hundreds of items from the inexpensive to the elegant. This collector spent her entire life on the road with her husband, all the while collecting items from everywhere she went. In addition, included in the estate are many items that were in the inventory of a small gift store they once ran in south Texas. A garage filled with 1000's of books of all types and subjects; hundreds of ceramic, glass, pottery, and pewter miniatures in all categories from Christmas-themed to western and animal themes; doll house-type miniatures of all kinds (machines, kitchen items, household items, some kind of odd, many very detailed and well-made); hundreds of fine seashells of every type and variety, as well as many carved cowries. A sawfish bill; dolls of every type; a large collection of salt dips, salt cellars, and salt spoons, some sterling silver. Very nice pair of 19th-century docking cleats for ships, as well as a large commemorative sign from an important dredging operation. A large rock saw, inoperative but salvageable; five commercial-grade lighted display cabinets. Solid oak spinning wheel; hundreds of pieces of costume jewelry and some with semi-precious stones and bracelets and necklaces of all types. We also have one mobility aid, a Rascal Scooter with two new batteries and a spare set of wheels and rims. Has chair lift assembly and scooter carrier. The scooter cost over $2000 when new, and literally only driven 300 ft. Ebonized oak cabinet from the 1950's; French Magic lantern from 1850's-1870's with approximately forty hand-painted slides; children's stories, unusual slides, and one working kaleidescope slide. Goldfield Hotel (Nevada) brass spittoon. Shoulder mount nine-point mounted buck; rare Wagner cast-iron drip-drop footed baster with lid. Vintage red Western Flyer picket wagon (all picket sides are intact). Craftsman 20" 46cc chainsaw with case and accessories; Sandborn 3/4 hp compressor with new Craftsman hose. 6' long primitive H-tooth two-man saw from the early 1900's. A nice selection of 1980's and 1990's Christmas ornaments, both new in box and loose, also other Christmas-themed items, such as music box snow globes and candle holders. The garage is packed with hardback books at only $1.00 each, including large format books. Cash only, no refunds. 10603 Mourning Dove Dr., 78750; Fri.-Sat., 9am-4pm; Sun., 10am-4pm.


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