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Take a Ride on the Wayback Machine with Atom Retro

By Anne Harris, December 29, 2009, 4:18pm, Chronique

Now that the mystifying ritual of Shopping for Others has been completed for another year, it's time to get your weinie wet for 2010 self-gratification. The best idea we've heard this week can be found online at Atom Retro, which is a good thing since our misanthropy is still smarting and our feet still hurt.

Dial up Atom Retro for newly-made versions of vintage clothing with an emphasis on mod. In fact the first product we encounter is a pair of "mod chelsea boots with man-made out sole, and classic winklepicker pointed toe" ($108). Keep your winkle to yourself, maybe. Head to the women's section for promised sixties' dresses and find the Stop Staring dress collection. The Bombshell Retro Thirties' dress ($182) ought to catch someone's fancy. The pricing seems a bit steep, and the idea that "music and fashion are the two cornerstone elements of human happiness and the expression of the inner soul" is kind of creepy but, hey, the clothes are nice.

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