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By Kate X Messer, March 18, 2008, 4:00pm, Chronique

"Has anyone ever driven the Wienermobile to a Vagina Monologues performance?" These are the types of questions I must endure in my place of employment. A girl can't have a healthy obsession with an American automotive icon without some Brenner sticking his… well, we'll just leave that to flop around right there.

So this new addition to the family of hot dog wagons is news to us. We're still reeling from our recent trip in the big daddy dog. When we were riding we marvelled at hotdogger Suzanne's mad urban driving skills in such a massive frank. Hotdogger Dan told us he drove that sucker all around downtown Chicago and that a sister dog was concurrently navigating the streets of New York City. Seems like the new Mini Wienerpup would be a much better choice for such gridlocked locales.

And speaking of Vagina Monologues, the UT production of the Eve Ensler hit is still seeking volunteers! Get in touch with Matthew McKibben at the Gender and Sexuality Center: 512/232-1831 or

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