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Summer Fun Is Coming: Chill Out

By Nina Hernandez, May 12, 2014, 2:20pm, Chronolog

Celebrate the impending summer swelter this Thursday with our Summer Fun issue. Every year we tackle a new round of fun, but don't forget the last few years of guides are still loaded with fun, fun, fun.

We make a point to update the information that resides in our Summer Fun archives, so that these back issues continue to inform and delight in perpetuity. Or whatever. This week, we tracked down the latest prices, addresses, and links to keep you in weekend trips and backyard adventures all year around.

As these annual issues slip into history, we feel sad knowing that many of you will not know the joys they – like our 2012's Elements of Summer issue – hold within.

And by all means, please do check out extras from last year's 50 Ways to Greet Your Summer, when we wandered the capitol rotunda and flirted with Hippie Hollow.

This week, we lead up to Summer Fun 2014 with a supply of new online extras to inspire your summer shenanigans. Keep us in mind as you dive into your summer itinerary.

Guess what our theme is this year? (The picture above should keep you cool until you find out.)

Read more Summer Fun stories (and check out the last few years of fun) at as we slather on the SPF and lead up to the release of our special annual issue celebrating Austin's sunniest season. The Austin Chronicle’s 2014 Summer Fun Issue hits the stands Thursday, May 16.

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