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So … There's a Bunch of Art … Outside?

By Wayne Alan Brenner, October 11, 2012, 11:15am, Chronolog

Been hearing about this for years.

Art Outside.

Been hearing about it since the debut of its annual occurrence, since 2005 when it was still being held in that two-and-a-half acre place in South Austin known as The Enchanted Forest.

Of course I've been hearing about it: I'm with the media, right? Hey, I'm a journo; I get the press releases.

But I've also been hearing about Art Outside via non-biz channels, too: From friends gushing about the wonders of it at a dinner party, to artists mentioning it in the course of an interview about their work, to the coffeehouse rhapsodizing of a couple of punks with tribal tattoos and earlobe plugs the size of beer coasters.

A huge and motley population of creative types and those who love them – that's the idea of Art Outside. People painting and sculpting and displaying their fantastic work; wild talents performing all manner of music and dance; the physically adept cutting acrobatic capers, juggling with hands like lightning bolts; men and women cavorting about the scattered treescape in costume or out and everyone pretty much letting their, as the saying goes, freak flag fly.

Right there in The Room With The Blue Ceiling.
Outside, you know: Beneath the big Texas sky.

These days, of course, Art Outside is even bigger. And it continues for three days. And it covers a lot more physical area. And that's one reason it's been relocated (since 2009) to the expansive wilderness of Apache Pass near Rockdale, about an hour north of the ATX.

If you squint at it sideways, it's kind of like a smaller, regional, forested version of Burning Man.

And I'm sick of hearing about it.

No, I mean: I'm sick of hearing about it and not actually going.
Because the more I hear about it, the better it sounds.
And so this year, finally, I'm going.

I'm going to Art Outside in an official reportorial capacity, such as it is, on the weekend beginning on October 19th; and I'm taking a photographer with me; and we're going to experience what there is to experience in two days' time; and we're going to return with a big rambling report and a vivid panoply of photos for you to ogle online.

So you can wait right here at the computer and read the report and see the images when the whole package is ready, mmmkay?

Or, better, you can head on up there yourself, alone or by the carload, and create a living picaresque of your own. Catch you some mid-forest DJ sets by MiHKAL and Hobotech and JOBOT. Develop a weird relationship with a series of large interactive sculptures. Boggle your eyes on the paintings of Jenna Foster and Michael Divine. Dig what glorious alt-hosannahs Mother Falcon can unleash with air and strings and wood and more. Mix and record an audiofile of your own at what they're calling the Steampunk Soundlab. Get your retinas imprinted by the funky photons of Grover Sterling's lighting devices. And, especially, dance your ass off until the sun rises.

Either way, comrade, I'll meet you back here when it's over & done with for another year.

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