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Who's Working on a Dubstep Opera?

By Wayne Alan Brenner, August 15, 2012, 11:00am, Chronolog

Could be me.

Could be that I'm writing the songs & book for one right now.

I am, in fact, although who knows if it'll come to fruition as an actual production, this idea of a dubstep opera with the whole spectacle featuring music somewhere along these heavy lines.

But this is Austin, so, you know – it just might happen.

This is Austin, where the idea of a dubstep opera was ignited, at least in my mind, while interviewing Julie Fiore and Emily Breedlove of the One Ounce Opera Company. They're the new group that's intent on taking opera – the best opera, with the soul-stirring arias & so on in a classical-music context – out of the fancy halls & church auditoria and into, like, the coffeehouses & nightclubs of the ATX.

(That interview, about the OOO's goals & dreams,
will be posted in this Chronicle blog next week.)

And this is Austin, where Graham Reynolds holds Monday Night Workshops at the Dive Bar (through the end of August) and wreaks brilliance with his Golden Arm Trio cohort & guests while mixologist Jason Stevens creates cocktails to match the evening's theme. And Reynolds, who makes any piano remember (in case it's momentarily forgotten) that it's a percussion instrument, knows so much about so much music that it's a little intimidating, but he's not so acquainted with, and is thus intrigued by, dubstep. So who knows where a little experience, an offer of collaboration, maybe an outright commission, might lead as regards the relentlessly adventurous maestro?

(Next Monday's Workshop features saxophonist John Mills
joining in with the sonic savants, helping unhinge the joint with Reynolds'
compositions for movie soundtracks & other film-music delights.
Hint: Come thirsty.)

And this is Austin where DJ Butcher Bear and his cronies are planning Exploded Drawing 16: A night of electronic composers, sound collectors, and beat makers, showcasing "six 20-minute sets from six different musicians … using whatever tools they like." This is Austin, where the Church of the Friendly Ghost, who recently brought us the jam-packed NMASS, continues its series of concerts of music far beyond the typical. E.g., this coming Sunday's Apotheosynthesis Experiment 1: Meta Rotational Improvisation. This is Austin, where –

Well, hell, you know what it's like.
You know how good it can be.

If not, friend – what the hell are you doing here?

Suggestion: Join the fun – it's right here, waiting for you.

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