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Moontower, Grackle, Swans, Soltanoff Trainwreck Betrayal

By Wayne Alan Brenner, April 30, 2012, 10:13am, Chronolog

A new week begins here in the ATX, and Moontower's over and the Fusebox goes on.

You catch any of that incredible stuff this past weekend? You, flitting around like a bird from venue to venue, dealing with the traffic, still a bit sweaty from having spent some patchouli-scented afternoon time at Eeyore's Birthday Party on Saturday?

If you missed Moontower Comedy Festival's flood of stand-ups, or maybe even especially if you caught a few of the best shows, these Inside Joke video interviews by Kerri Lendo and John Merriman will amplify your comic experience.

If you caught Fusebox Festival's "Sweet Betrayal" event, with Kaci Beeler painting desserts created by Foreign & Domestic's Jodi Elliott from original descriptions by David Moses Fruchter, you can understand the tasty depths of it better with this appreciation by Hyperliterature's Mark Gifford.

If you missed Phil Soltanoff's An Evening with William Shatner Asterisk, fear not: You can still catch the brilliant, evocative, and at times hilarious piece on Friday, May 4th. But, until then, here's Soltanoff's website.

If you're mildly (or more) unhappy to be referred to as "flitting around like a bird," be glad that at least you're 1) not actually a bird and 2) didn't drive athwart some Cap Metro train and wind up like the grackle in this beautifully morbid photo by Stella Alesi.

We all die eventually, of course, for any number of reasons. But this song by Swans, accompanied by a video collage for your greater visual pleasure & linked to here to provide a sort of aural denoument for this Monday morning blogpost, asks "Why Are We Alive?"

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