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Walking After Midnight... but Before 65 Million B.C.

By Margie Coyle, November 20, 2009, 5:07pm, Chronolog

I have no obsession or deep longing to experience dinosaurs in almost live form. But I do remember as a child visiting Glenrose State Park where dinosaurs are supposed to have left their footprints.

I remember sitting in one of those footprints just like it was a chair and the Brazos (I think it was the Brazos) river's cold water rushing around me on either side of my body. It was fun and adventuresome, particularly for my extremely dysfunctional family.

My only other dinosaur encounter was at the Ft. Worth Zoo and those plastic melting machiney thingees. Back then it was a quarter, now you have to swipe your credit card. You put your money in this machine and make your dinosaur selection. After about five minutes, this hot, hard, bright red plastic dinosaur would drop from the machine's guts into a tray. Pure delight for only 25 cents!

It's the beginning of the holiday season and I personally am looking forward to starting the outings with Walking With Dinosaurs tonight in Cedar Park. Hopefully, for my 13-year-old daughter's sake, Edward Cullen will be riding one of them.

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