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The All-Overs Brings Badass Baseballish Thrills to Modern Dance

By Wayne Alan Brenner, November 10, 2021, 1:00pm, All Over Creation

It’s not not about baseball.

It’s also not not about Grant Morrison’s The Invisibles, not really.

But it is about an acclaimed dance company’s return to heart-quickening, music-spiked, fiercely kinetic live performance. And it takes place inside … a batting cage?

The All-Overs is the newest work of movement and aesthetic spectacle from Jennifer Sherburn, the force of nature behind, among many other endeavors, the Before Times’ yearlong series of wonderments called 11:11: Eleven Dances in Eleven Months.

The All-Overs will reveal itself within the premises of Meantime Batting Cage (3200 Govalle), that neighborhood center of sporty recreation on the Eastside, featuring choreographers and performers Ciceley FullyloveLisa Anne KobdishHailley LaurenTaryn LaveryClay MooreTolly MoseleyAmy MyersSarah Annie Navarrete, and Erica Saucedo – with original music composed by Juliana Sheffield and lighting design by Emily Novack.

The All-Overs and its bold manifestation of modern dance is further enhanced, is surrounded by, an exhibition of dance photography – a vivid vertical spread exploring imagery from past, present, and future works, including the popular pieces Elsewhere, Drive-In, and Riverside – as captured by the light-binding talents of Maggie Bailey, Ainsley Jospeh, Sarah Annie Navarrete, Stephen Pruitt, and Rip Shaub.

Note: There will be three 30-minute performances each night (Wed.-Sat., Nov. 10-13, 6:15, 7:15, and 8:15pm), with limited seating by reservation – and no late seating. And, oh! Check this shit out: Between each show, six slots are available for audience members to try out their swing in batting practice, coached by players from local Sandlot baseball team, The Ramblers.

Yeah, it’s definitely not not about baseball. And – as you can pretty much infer from the gorgeous graphic identity designed by that Jon WindhamThe All-Overs will be a memorable inning, and a delightful outing, in the all-bases-loaded game of your life.

Note: You can find tickets right here.

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