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It’s Adults Only at the Thinkery This Thursday Night

By Wayne Alan Brenner, April 9, 2018, 1:45pm, All Over Creation

We would never say that youth is, as some have suggested, wasted on the young. But we might complain, just short of whining about it, “Why does that awesome Thinkery place always have to be about the kids? Isn’t it enough that our property taxes are jacked ever higher to pay for new schools for all the snotnosed little darlings in this goddamn town?”


Luckily, the instrumentality of that awesome Thinkery in the Mueller development harkened to our grievance years ago. Thus, Thinkery21 – a series of nights specifically for citizens who are 21 and older.

You knew this already, right?
Of course you did.

But it’s not only that the bright center of scientific discovery opens its doors for the usual data-rich interactions. No, see, they’re all about the, uh, the, you know, the whole value-added paradigm. Which is why this Thursday’s highly anticipated Sound & Sips event has them joining forces with the Alamo Drafthouse and Golden Hornet to offer a Tito’s-fueled night of presentations and activities exploring the science of sound – with chances to jam with Pony Trap’s robot drummer, play a theremin, work up a song with that Mother Falcon Music Lab, climb through a model of the human ear, tear apart radios with the reverse engineers of KMFA, and – oh, hell, all sorts of cool things.

And, more than just a bonus, the Golden Hornet’s gonna preview a few new pieces from their upcoming Sound of Science concert.

We mean, right?

We mean, okay, the Thinkery, they already had us at Tito’s – but, yeah, what a terrific combination of music and ingenuity and vodka and fun this gig is going to be!

And, again, it’s all for – listen up, you meddling kids – it’s all for adults only.

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