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Dusty-Danger Dog Day in Austin

By Wayne Alan Brenner, August 16, 2017, 1:00pm, All Over Creation

Every dog must have his day, goes the old saying that I’m almost required to start this blogpost with. But now a certain pooch, adopted from Town Lake Animal Shelter by Austin-based playwright Timothy Braun nine years ago, is having an official day here in our bustling city by the river.


Just how “official” is this day?

Well, when Hizzoner Steve Adler proclaims Thursday, August 17, as Dusty-Danger Day … when, on that same day, the Rude Mechanicals designate Dusty-Danger as their canine-in-residence … and when Austin Bat Cave simultaneously names him as their “Bat Dog” … tell you what, that’s pretty damn official, n’est-ce pas?

But how does a doggo, even a heckin’ good doggo, warrant such honors? By tirelessly stumping for local theatre and school fundraisers – like when he assayed his own form of Downward Dog for our current cover-story subject Adriene Mishler’s Fusebox Festival yoga gig at the Long Center. By accompanying his human and spreading woofish goodwill at arts centers and writers retreats across the nation. By going the extra mile and –

Oh, bother. I don’t need to ramble on about this for you. Braun, no stranger to the well-written word, has published numerous essays on his and Dusty’s adventures: In The New York Times, in the Huffington Post, and elsewhere.

So click those links above and read on for some puppery goodness, O houndhearted citizen, as the dog days of summer begin to start to consider maybe diminishing, by just a skoshie, the intensity of the heat we have to deal with here in Texas and it’s safe to go outside for walkies once more.

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