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East Austin Studio Tour? Here’s Four More Picks!

By Wayne Alan Brenner, November 17, 2016, 1:00pm, All Over Creation

We posted an initial list of EAST picks earlier this week, and there are a brief five more from Sam Anderson-Ramos right here, too.

But – can a person ever have enough pointers toward goodness in these benighted times? Yeah, no: We don’t think so either.

So here’s your arts-journo Brenner with four more recos, a sort of quintessential quartet, set to improve your experience of the 2016 East Austin Studio Tour’s final weekend:

1) You’ve probably seen that one photo by Susi Brister somewhere in the internets by now.

No, really: Go ahead & click that link above; if you have seen the image, you’ll easily remember it; if you haven’t seen it yet, welcome to the intersection of the weird & the beautiful, citizen. Welcome to the borderlands of the natural & the fabricated.

It’s that latter duality, nature & fabric, that Brister mostly works in when constructing what she’ll vividly capture via her sharper-than-an-adder’s-fang photographic skills. And you can see an array of those photographs on display at HIGH-CRAFT Art Market (7210 Fred Morse), which is designated as #24 on the EAST map

but it’s not just Brister’s images that await you there.

Celina Zisman has curated the HC venue a wealth of brightly made objects for your perusal. These include jewelry by Chase & Scout’s Elle Greene (e.g., a bracelet adorned with cast-silver raven skulls) and the embellished molten-metal lighter cases of Shalena White, and more: There’s good stuff here. Bonus: Topo Chico.

2) Say, you want to see a plethora of large paintings that’ll just about explode your optic nerve with their gorgeous weirdness? Check out what David Lamplugh’s got on display at Space12 (3121 E. 12th): All his realistic mash-ups of animals & pop culture & machinery, each repped with extremely effective design sensibility. Bonus: The film photography of MaryAnn Clark, bringing a wabi-sabi ethos to the printed substrate. And this is #112 and #113 on the EAST map.

3) Just because we’ve recently sounded a positive huzzah about Adreon Henry’s sonic escapades doesn’t mean we’re not going to alert you to what he’s got going on graphically at EAST. Because the artist’s vinyl-based visuals share space with the creations of Timothy Clancy for a two-man show at HELM Studio (5305 Bolm) that’d be good enough to mention even if it wasn’t among the multiple spaces over there on Bolm Road. [Note: That Bolm compound, that’s where EAST originators Big Medium started out, back in the day.] And that’s EAST map #325, to be precise.

4) And to end this snazzy four-pack of recommendations, here’s a shout-out to The Comeback Space (902 E. Fifth). Because when we think of the ceramics and the bronze sculptures and the stainless-steel constructions and the objects built from gold and silver and paper and wood – all the work made manifest by Claire Bresette, Jamie Spinello, Kristen Van Patten, and Melody Basch – when we think of those things on display at Comeback, we’re planning to buy all of them once we win that goddamn lottery. So, until then, there’s plenty left for your own acquiring, your own wonderstruck perusal: Right there at #514-517 on the EAST map.

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