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OMG, There are Strange Beasts in Austin Tonight

By Wayne Alan Brenner, November 20, 2015, 12:15pm, All Over Creation

Because it's time for Strange Beasts 3, the third in Guzu Gallery's series of kaiju-themed exhibitions, featuring talented artists from all over providing their renditions of giant Japanese cinematic monsters.

But, hold on, citizen – it's not only giant monsters this time

"For this third show in the Strange Beasts series," says gallery head honcho Vincent Torres, "we're expanding into a broader area of pop culture, including familiar faces from tokusatsu, manga, and anime."

[Note: Torres' own work (he and his brother Eric, working as Half Human, create some of the most striking images around) is among the many depictions of creepy creatures and voluminous varmints decking the familiar walls in the display area of Austin's brightly welcoming and art-filled emporium right nextdoor to Austin Books & Comics.]

Expanding into a broader area of pop culture? Hell, yes – with the likes of Daniel Aranda, Breanna Boone, Peelander-Yellow, Chet Phillips, Worthy Enemies, Roshi K, Zachary Taylor, the Forces of Dorkness, and more.

Also, aiding & abetting the celebratory reception tonight is 1) live music by those Beast of Dean rockers, 2) a how-not-to-be-destroyed presentation from the ever-helpful Bedlam City Kaiju Safety Commission, 3) a screening of Kaijutsu by filmmaker Adriel Jimenez.

And all of that's happening tonight: Friday, Nov. 20, from 7-10pm.

Yeah, we're thinking "Banzai!"
We're thinking this is gonna be one hell of a good, geeky, graphically gorgeous monster of a party.
See you there, citizen!

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