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Bethany out of Saturn?

By Wayne Alan Brenner, May 21, 2014, 5:50pm, All Over Creation

Last time Theatre en Bloc complicated the boards, it was with Derek Kolluri directing Neil LaBute's Fat Pig.

(That show led us to an interview with actresses Zena Marie Vaughn and Jenny Lavery about issues of cultural bias and female body image and the contentious bullshit of – oh, it was a lot of provocative food for thought.)

And now the En Blockers are back with Bethany, a darkly humorous tale by Laura Marks, in which a struggling sales rep at a Saturn dealership breaks into an unoccupied house in the suburbs – it's either that or it's homelessness – and enters a slippery slope of … well, we don't want to give too much away here, do we? Spoiler alert buzzer all preparing to go berserk in our forebrain, sort of thing, right?

But – switcheroo – in this play, Fat Pig's Kolluri is now one of the actors. (The others are Lara Wright, Rick Smith, Johanna Whitmore, Jeanette Hill, and Martina Ohlhauser.) And Lavery is at the directorial helm of this production at The Long Center.

(You know: Austin and its whole ease with cross-discipline-related program activities, right? Although, surely that's not uncommon practice throughout the international theatre scene? And which, we wonder, will be put to good use here? Well: We know Theatre En Bloc does good work, so we're looking forward to checking this Bethany out.)

Note: The show starts May 29th and runs (Thursday-Saturday) through June 7. And here's where you can get tickets.

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