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S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y? Night!

By Wayne Alan Brenner, May 16, 2014, 11:30am, All Over Creation

Really, you could sprain your calendar app with what's available by way of entertainment tomorrow night.

And, though Austin prides itself on being The Live Music Capital of the World™, we're not even considering, in this post, any of the popular live-music gigs on this Saturday night.

We mean, look: There's the Kat Roast that we already told you about, where the irrepressible Ramzinski's stand-up comedy friends are giving her a "beneficial beatdown" at Spider House Ballroom.

There's Graham Franciose unveiling his new "Sliver of a Whole" exhibition of fantastic art among the wealth of other locals' stunning work at Austin Art Garage.

There's that Vanity Fairy with a closing reception for her "Live Fast, Die Cute" photography show at Salvage Vanguard – after which, you could hang around and check out Lashonda Lester's Weird! True Hollywood Tales or Breaking String Theatre's Dulcey and Roxy at City Hall in the same venue.

There's something called The Church of the Passionate Cat taking place, thanks to Underbelly and the Rude Mechs, throughout various parts of The Off Center.

There's the sonic grandeur of Ryan Heller's Chorus Austin doing their glorious vocal-ensemble thing with the work of local composers.

There's Shakespeare's As You Like It up there on the bring-your-blanket Zilker Hillside Theatre stage.

There's a reception with the internationally renowned Sebastian Krüger at Art on 5th.

There's … well, there's more, of course. But that's what these (and our other) listings are for.

And, oh yeah: This weekend is also the final weekend of the West Austin Studio Tour. That's during the day, pretty much, yes – but we bet you can shmooze your way into a few good afterparties, right? Maybe groove your way all the through to Sunday morning? You … you animal, you.

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