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Is Austin Too Cold For Artist Tim Doyle?

By Wayne Alan Brenner, February 6, 2014, 12:50pm, All Over Creation

Yeah-yeah-yeah, the fabled City by the Bay, and so on and so forth, probably not half as cold as the ATX is right now, yadda-yadda.

I mean, we love you and all, Tony Bennett – but our favorite thing about San Francisco at this particular point in time is hometown boy Tim Doyle's new "Unreal Estate III" exhibition of original screenprints based on the architecture of some of pop culture's favorite fictional locations.

That's why we've got a gallery of several of his new creations from the show that opens at Spoke Art today: So we can feast our eyes from right here at home. With our Vornados on high. From under our Slankets. WHERE IT'S NOT SO GODDAM COLD.

I mean, as if you haven't clicked on it earlier, here: Breaking Bad Simpsons Smurfs Arrested Development & More

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