Tarantino Costume Party Will Not Get Medieval On Your Ass

Andreas Fabis and Spider House bring the QT vibe and more

(Ah, that's Bring Your Own Gimp.)
(Ah, that's Bring Your Own Gimp.)

There's a costume party at Spider House tonight, and its theme is any Tarantino movie you really really like.

And since there's gonna be a crowd, and since there's no accounting for taste, you can be sure that means every goddamn thing the man's ever filmed.

Show up dressed as your favorite character. Come ready to drink and dance and watch improv artists from The Institution Theatre trip some off-the-cuff Tarantino tropes in the party spotlight. And maybe, if you think you have the cojones or ovaries, maybe get on up there and give your own favorite piece of QT dialogue your best shot.

[Re that last: We can't promise, we can only hope beyond hope, that local stand-up madman Joel Keith will show up to do Christopher Walken's bit from Pulp Fiction. You know, about the wristwatch.]

DJ MANATEEMANN will be on turntables all night, spinning out the retro booty-movers. Photographer Steve Rogers will be snapping your glamorous or lowlife pics for greater Facebook glory. And – no, wait, hold it.

Enough with the pimping.

How about a trace of actual journalism in this post? A little, like, research? You'd like that, wouldn't you? Here in your online Austin Chronicle, where actual reporters supposedly still write bona fide stories and shit?

You'd especially like that because, starting with tonight's Royale With Cheese shindig, Spider House will be presenting an ongoing series of differently themed parties, featuring a different movie or director or genre each month, and it'd be cool to know where this all came from and where it's going, right?

That's why we tracked down Andreas Fabis, improv performer and partying man-about-town … Andreas Fabis, whose hair always looks like somebody just startled the fuck out of it … and we cornered him at a game-day afterparty where he was attempting to leverage his faint European accent to impress some booze-addled debutante, and we asked him, Andreas, hey, what's the deal with this Spider House gig?

Andreas Fabis: I've been throwing costume parties at my house for a few years now, and sometimes there was just not enough space for all the people. I'd usually transform my house and do a lot of decorations, and I'd been thinking about having them somewhere else for a while when the opportunity came up to do them at Spider House.

Austin Chronicle: "The opportunity came up." What are you, coy? A fucking opportunity just came up? What is this? This is like the Big Bang? This is the Olympics of Vagueness?

Fabis: What? No, I –

AC: I'm sorry, man. I was – I think I was attempting some kind of Tarantino dialogue there. Fuck. I'm sorry.

Fabis: You sounded kind of Jewish, actually. More like Mamet.

AC: Right, yeah, I guess I just … [coughs] Look, please tell me how you got hooked up with Spider House?

Fabis: OK. Well, Jessica Ryan, who does the booking for Spider House, she's been to a few of my parties. And after attending a Tarantino party I threw for a friend at my house, she asked me if I wanted to do that at Spider House.

AC: You must be pretty good with these parties.

Fabis: [shrugs, grins]

AC: And so what's the plan, here? What other kind of parties are you planning at Spider House?

Fabis: Right now the plan is to have one every month, but it might turn out to be every other month, depending on the recovery time.The next party will be on May 3rd, the theme is "Shaken, not stirred," and we're calling all spies, villains, and henchpersons for that one. Then we're gonna do "He's dead, Jim," a science-fiction-themed party. Then "Thanks for not picking me!" – for Wes Anderson fans. And then probably "The Rum is gone?" – a pirate theme – and then, ah, a few others are vaguely planned beyond that, but I'll let the audience decide via online poll.

AC: And so what kind of things will happen at these parties? Is there always gonna be some kind of performance?

Fabis: Mingling and dancing will be a big part, but there'll always be performances, too. For the "Royale with Cheese" party, we have a Twist contest, there will be some improvised Tarantino performed by the Institution, and people can come up onstage and deliver their favorite (or made up) 30 seconds of dialogue, and of course there will be a costume contest. Entertainment's based on the theme of each party. For the "Shaken, not stirred" party on May 3rd, I think we'll have a competition for the best villainous-plan-followed-by-sinister-laughter.

AC: Like, uh, mua-ha-ha-ha-ha?

Fabis: Yes, mua-ha-ha-ha-ha!


Right. OK. Probably a good idea to check out the inglorious shenanigans ensuing at tonight's dress-up revel first …

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