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It's Like a Greatest Hits Collection at Wally Workman Gallery

By Wayne Alan Brenner, August 13, 2012, 12:34pm, All Over Creation

But the simile kind of falls apart.

Because a greatest-hits collection is more often predicated on offerings from a single creative entity – and an art gallery is neither a band nor a single musician. No, a gallery is the venue in which many different artists display their wares and wonders for public delight and edification. So this newest show featuring summer-themed works from many of the brilliants who've exhibited in the Wally Workman Gallery over the past few years, this newest show isn't really like a greatest-hits collection, is it?

Maybe compare it to a pu-pu platter instead?

Maybe a buffet or a smorgasbord?

Maybe, actually, just go get something to assuage the hungry grumble in the old gastrointestinal region and stop trying to use a simile at all?

Yes, that might work best.

And another thing that we reckon will work is pointing out a few of the many fine artists in this "100 Degrees" show – and providing links to our previous reviews of those artists' works. Because maybe you missed them earlier; or maybe you want a brief refresher; or maybe this is exactly the sort of visual-arts reading you're looking for right now.

In any case, this show's recommended; and these are a few of the artists
we're excited to see represented again in that elegant West Sixth venue run by Wally Workman:

Stella AlesiHelmut BarnettJennifer Balkan

Malcolm BucknallIan ShultsHonora Jacob

Ah, "100 Degrees" – and it's all so tasty.

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