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Friday Night's Alright for Dance Fighting

By Wayne Alan Brenner, July 19, 2012, 10:04am, All Over Creation

It's not all about the funny.

Sure, the two women instigating this event, Kerri Lendo and Maggie Maye, are stand-up comedians who are used to making audiences laugh. And, yes, there will be comedic bits from them and other general shenanigans as part of the spectacle.

"Yeah, we're gonna do some sketches and stuff, and some dance numbers of our own, between the competitions," says Lendo. "It's gonna be pretty silly."

But it's not going to be all gags and giggles at the Dance Fights on Friday night. And this first installment (of what Lendo and Maye hope will be a thriving series) has already garnered at least a small amount of interest?

"We have three or four groups signed up so far," says Maye. "We'd really love to have about ten, and I would absolutely love to do more dance fight shows. Kerri and I have a bunch of dance-related sketches that we just won't have time for in this Friday show."

And where'd the idea come from for this whole thing? The idea of having people compete like beat-driven bad-asses on a dance floor, and mixing that with comedy?

"Well, Maggie and I have been dancing just for fun for a while now," says Lendo. "Every once in a while, we'll even bust out at a party."

"So one day we were joking around," says Maye, "and I said something about dance fighting. Kerri immediately said it was a good idea for a show and we just went from there."

"And we were at Salvage Vanguard, and so we thought, 'Well, why not do it here?'" says Lendo. "So we asked, and we got the space. And, yeah, our stuff will be kind of funny stuff – but for the actual competitions, people will come with their own prepared pieces and compete for three rounds. Some people are coming with a character or a dance move in their pocket. And if you're non-traditional, that can be a good way to win."

Or if you like comedy; or if you like to watch dance fighting; or if you like to dance-fight …
there's another good way to win: Check out the action at this first move-busting showcase on Friday night.

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