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Psychic Reading Online: Best Psychics from Authentic Sites [2021]

, June 28, 2021, 4:00am,

Life often tends to become uncertain with no clear path in sight. Fortunately, a psychic reading can help you foresee what the future may hold and also find the right direction when you are feeling lost.

Unfortunately, most people have their early encounters with untrustworthy websites that do not have genuine and gifted psychic readers. As a result, such sites may cause more harm than good. So, we took the job upon ourselves to search for the best online psychic reading site with authentic readers.

Before we start with the review of the top Online Psychic Reading Sites, you should know that each psychic reading site may specialize in a certain type of reading like love reading, career reading, video reading, Tarot reading, and so on. We have made efforts to pick the best in every category so everyone can find what they are looking for.

Top 5 Best Online Psychic Reading Sites in 2021

1. - Best Psychic Reading For Guidance on Life Decisions & First 3 Mins Free
2. - Best Site for Financial Questions
3. - Best Psychics for Accurate Love Readings
4. - Best Psychic Mediumship
5. - Best Affordable Range of Mediums

How do we identify the Best Psychic Reading Sites?

It’s not that difficult to find real, genuine sites if you know what signs to look for. We had to look through a lot of reviews before even considering a website for our list. But we couldn’t just rely on the reviews. We also tested some of these platforms ourselves to see if they were really as good as the reviews claimed.

The majority of platforms turned out to be completely bogus. But a handful of them had some really experienced and gifted psychics. It was amazing how spot-on their psychic readings were. We were really not expecting such high accuracy.

It was only after trying out their services or talking to those who have had their services that we finalized our list. We were looking for an unbiased and honest online psychic reading site, and this was one of the criteria for selecting a psychic to add to the list. Here are some of the main factors that helped us in adding psychic reading sites to our list.

• How Old is the Website?

We avoided websites that were too new. Reading the reviews and looking up the website’s domain registration period, we were able to identify websites that had been there for quite a long time. This helped us spot sites that had some of the most experienced and reputable psychic readers out there. The reviews on these sites were also more reliable.

• Number of Psychic Readers with a High Number of Reviews

Good reviews and ratings can easily be faked. So, we looked at the number of reviews most of the psychic readers on a website had. It’s not just the star rating that is important. If a psychic reader has only a few reviews, then the 4 or 5-star rating can be fake.

• Does the Website offer a Free Trial?

We found that a number of reputed sites offer a free psychic reading on a minute-based system and nice, low rates to new customers. These can help you get a feel for the website and also test the accuracy of their psychics. Only platforms that are confident about the accuracy of their psychics are able to offer these free minutes or discounted rates.

This encourages new customers to try out psychic reading online. Most of the reputed psychic platforms offer a few minutes for each psychic reader when you first book a psychic reading with them.

• Quality of Articles that they Publish

Some of these psychic sites publish articles on psychic wisdom and life philosophies. The topics for this could range from self-healing, astrological predictions, explanation of different types of readings, and various life lessons. The quality of these articles will also help you identify how genuine the website and the readers on it are.

Psychics also individually post stories where they may speak on any subject they choose. You can also find videos uploaded by the psychics on their profiles. These features played a big part in helping us make the final decision on whether to pick a website or throw it out during the selection process.

Online Sites With Best Psychics & Accurate Readings

#1. Kasamba - Best Psychic Reading For Guidance on Life Decisions & First 3 Mins Free

Kasamba is easily among the most reputable platforms for booking online psychic readings. Their website is more than 20 years old and is home to some of the best online psychics online.

Kasamba offers a pretty diverse range of services like Tarot readings, dream interpretation, career forecasts, astrology readings, and so on. You can easily find the type of psychic reading tailored to your specific needs. The first thing that caught our eyes was that some of their online psychics have more than 10,000 reviews. These were mostly positive reviews, and we booked a few psychic readings to test if they were legitimate. The experience was entirely different from getting a read from those Tarot readers at events.

The online psychic readings were quite precise, and elaborate where needed. The overall impact was to bring clarity to us, predicting outcomes and pointing out the root cause of various issues. It was quite like talking to a psychologist who could see into my past and future without me uttering a word!


• Psychic Readings are offered through chats
• Notification feature alerts you when your favorite psychic readers are online
• Refunds are honored on the first psychic reading if not satisfied
• Six different varieties of psychic readings
• Mobile app is available


• Option to request both online and offline psychic readings
• 3 minutes of free psychic reading is available for each new reader
• Platform has 20+ years of experience
• Psychic readings can be found at both low and high rates


• Some offers are only applicable for first-time users

Why do we recommend this?

Kasamba is a time-tested website with plenty of gifted readers. It’s their impressive number of positive reviews and their own course of development as a reader that leads to a positive experience for many customers. Kasamba’s website and app have also kept up with the latest trends and have a very user-friendly interface.

Navigating through the website and looking up readers in your desired category and budget is also quite simple. We loved the site because it delivers highly accurate psychic readings even at lower budgets. You can confidently book young or mature, expensive or affordable readers and almost always expect a great psychic reading.

⇒ Visit the official website of Kasamba for the Best Discount

#2. Keen - Best Site for Financial Questions

Another psychic platform that has been helping people through their tough times is Keen. This platform started listing readers in 1999 and has since been providing different categories of psychic readings.

It has a modern user interface, with a match function that helps you find the best psychic reader for you based on your current mood, topic of concern, style of reading, and birth date. In short, you are matched with a list of readers best suited for you.

You can also use their search filter to look up any type of reading within your chosen budget and mode. You can receive a psychic reading online via call or chat. One thing that stood out to us was that Keen had the widest range of psychic advisors in all the relevant categories.

Another feature that we liked on this platform is that you can see detailed information about a reader, including the total number of psychic readings they have done, their joining date, rating, skills, specialties, reading style, and more.

Keen gives you a better understanding of every reader listed on their platform. You can also get insight on a reader’s own approach to reading in their profile section. This may make it easier for you to decide which reader to choose.


• Search readers based on their skills and methods, i.e. clairvoyant, empathy, medium, clairaudient, etc.
• Numerous articles on dream interpretation, self-healing, and types of readings
• Readers available for almost every possible category
• Services are accessible on the mobile app


• Affordable pricing, even for experienced readers
• Great variety of categories
• Reading approach and methods are clearly mentioned in the reader’s profile section
• Free 3-minutes reading available
• Great customer feedback


• Introductory offer is only for a single session

Why do we recommend this?

Keen is a fabulous website with genuine readers. They have made it easy to search for the most suitable reader for you. At most other websites, oftentimes it can be difficult to find a reader that uses your preferred method and approach. With Keen, it takes only a few minutes to spot the type of psychic you may be looking for.

The free minutes make it more convenient to try a new reader before going forward with a detailed psychic reading from them. Keen has made plenty of people happy over the years. You don’t need to spend too much time to find the right online psychics for your situation. We found Keen to be an ideal site to quickly find genuine readers in any category.

⇒ Visit the official website of Keen for the Best Discount

#3. Asknow - Best Site for Love Questions

This app is for those who may often seek spiritual counsel and prefer decent rates for expert online psychics. You can book a psychic reading from their top-rated online psychics for rates as low as a dollar per minute. Also, this platform is very specific about the specialization of a reader. You can also find some internationally renowned psychics on this site.

Asknow has turned into a regular source of guidance for quite a lot of people. From finance and relationship to death and divinity, you can find all kinds of spiritual support from this platform. You can seek all types of advice through phone or online chats. You are even eligible for a free 5-minute psychic reading for your first time.

In addition to basic information about a psychic, such as their language, skills, category, etc., you can also check their zodiac sign and years of experience. Asknow has a simple website that is easy to navigate for anyone. The one-line intro for every psychic makes it for you to select the right one.

They also have a few of the most renowned mediums on their platform. So, if you are looking forward to reconnecting with deceased loved ones, you can find mediums with more than 30 years of experience on Asknow.


• Offer mediumship psychic readings
• Filter your search by price and type of psychic
• Psychic Readings are offered on call or chat
• Past life readings are also available
• Spanish and French-speaking psychics are also available


• Very affordable pricing
• Many readers offer 5 minutes of free psychic reading
• Online psychic readings are available for a diverse range of categories
• Best mediums to communicate with the deceased


• Psychic Reading through video or email is not available
• Low rates for master psychics are only offered through the introductory package

Why do we recommend this?

Asknow is tailored for those who might seek regular advice from different kinds of psychics. Their introductory offer is really good and can get you lower rates on readings from their best psychic readers. Asknow also has readers with specialization in a variety of categories including mediumship.

What we liked most is that their platform is not confusing. It’s quite simple with accurate information and is easy to navigate. There is also plenty of information about the reader to help you make the choice. If you still feel unsure, you can get 5 minutes of free psychic reading before you make any payment.

If you are looking for more advanced psychics, you should check this platform. You can find genuine and gifted readers at very reasonable rates.

⇒ Visit the official website of Asknow for the Best Discount

#4. Oranum - Best Psychic Mediumship

This is a modern psychic website that focuses intensely on customer experience and service. You can get a live video reading on this platform and even find a psychic reader that can read for your pets.

We really liked how the readers are listed on their website. You will see a lot of images on the website, and you will need to click on the image of a psychic reader to go through their details. This large image for every reader helps us get a feel of what kind of readers they would be and if we felt drawn to any of them.

Pictures help us easily identify what we feel about a psychic. Oranum’s website makes it easier to choose a reader based on what we feel about them, just by looking at their pictures. For those who prefer video reading, there is no better website than this. But you will need to wait for psychics to be online to get a psychic reading.

You can search for psychics just by clicking one of the 12 categories listed on the top. It’s quite fun to navigate this website. The number of readers listed and the diverse categories may seem overwhelming to some, but with their free credits, you can try a reader for free before getting a full, paid psychic reading.


• Psychics with diverse specializations
• Live video readings are available
• Readers available for your pet
• Check out trending stories by expert psychics
• 24/7 live psychics available for reading


• Live video readings
• New users get $9.99 in free credits, which may be equal to 1 to 3 free minutes


• Credit systems can be a bit confusing to new users

Why do we recommend this?

Oranum’s website has many distinct features that make it stand out. If you prefer live video readings over chat readings, you will definitely love this website. You can select a psychic based on their pictures, stories, followers, and profile information. You can also check out their free videos on their profile to know more about them and learn something new.

You can also search for psychics with the highest number of points. These points are awarded in various contests on the website. When customers return for services from a psychic, they earn these points. If you want to receive a psychic reading from their top 100 psychics, you can check the one with the maximum number of points.

⇒ Visit the official website of Oranum for the Best Discount

#5. MysticSense - Best Affordable Range of Mediums

Now, MysticSense is a site where you can easily find the most gifted, genuine psychic without wasting your time. This website is not complicated and has everything you may be looking for. It is perfect for psychic readings, whether you want a chat reading, video reading, or call. You will find abundant information about a reader on their profile page.

The MysticSense site makes it easy to find the right psychic for you, using filters like reading style, tools, specialties, rating, and availability. Their approach to psychic reading is very authentic. We decided to go with the psychic with an average rating and were fairly amazed at the accuracy.

You can find both new and experienced psychics by checking the number of reviews visible below their profile image. You must check what psychic reading mode is available for the reader that you choose. Some may only be offering psychic readings through chat and call, while others may also offer readings over video call.


• Psychic readings available via call, chat, or live video
• Daily horoscopes
• Readers with various specialties like life path, soul mates, etc.


• Rates for a psychic reading are quite affordable
• Detailed information about each psychic on their profile pages
• Free 5-minute psychic reading
• Search filters make it easy and less time consuming to search for a reader
• Psychic readings are available through call, chat, and video


• Can’t search readers based on categories

Why do we recommend this?

This is the most suitable website for those who are particular about how they want to receive the psychic reading. You can get readings through call, chat, or live video sessions. The search filters allow you to choose if you prefer a direct psychic reading, compassionate reading, expressive reading, thoughtful reading, etc.

This is very important for people who are looking for a specific form of guidance. The website doesn’t overwhelm you with its list of psychics and categories. It does have an extensive list, but you can access that through search filters. The elaborate information about a psychic on the profile page makes it convenient to choose your reader.

You should definitely try MysticSense if you want to experience a no-nonsense, authentic psychic reading experience at a discounted rate. It’s also an excellent option for those who want to try psychic readings for the first time. The reviews on the website are totally legitimate and will be very helpful in picking a reader.

⇒ Visit the official website of MysticSense for the Best Discount

Online Psychic Services VS Psychics Near Me?

Those who have never had an online psychic reading may wonder if it is a better option than meeting an offline psychic. Well, this is the age of the internet and technological advancement that has many benefits to offer when using an online service.

Like any other online service, using an online psychic reading site allows you to check reviews before getting a read from a psychic. There may be hundreds and thousands of reviews for a psychic, and the overall rating will help you decide if it will be an accurate and helpful psychic reading or not.

Seeking advice at any hour of the day has also become possible with online readings. You can also take advantage of discount offers offered by a psychic reading platform. But the best part of using online sites is the ability to choose from among hundreds of psychics based on their reading style and specialization.

Timing is another big advantage when you book online psychic readings. If you are a working individual, you may have to alter your routine to get an offline psychic reading. However, online readings can be booked anytime, even at late hours. You can receive a reading at your own convenience from these online platforms.

What Are the Different Types of Psychic Readings to Choose From?

To some, the idea of choosing from a variety of types may be appealing, but several people might also find it overwhelming. So, why do we have such diverse categories of readings?

There are different types of readings to satisfy the diverse needs of people and help with different situations. For instance, Tarot reading is best suited for people who are feeling indecisive in life or need more clarity about a current situation to find peace. Astrology may help you predict a future event to prepare for it in advance.

People choose a medium psychic reading when they wish to reconnect with deceased loved ones. There are even readers that can help you with dream interpretation. Reading categories may also depend on the subject that you need guidance on. It could be about your career, relationship, health, and so on.

FAQs: Online Psychic Readings

Q. How to choose the Best Psychic Reader?

First, find a reputed platform with real authentic psychics. Then go through the customer reviews for a psychic and choose filters to find readers who specialize in the categories and style of your choice. You will also need to go through the available delivery modes for readings before you finally book a psychic reading.

Finding the best online psychic reading site is the key to choosing an accurate and truly gifted psychic reader that will be right for you.

Q. What is Mediumship Reading?

In a mediumship reading, the psychic will connect to and receive messages from a passed loved one of yours. This psychic reading doesn’t require cards and is usually carried out by a psychic reader who specializes in this type.

A psychic who offers this type of psychic reading may be a clairvoyant, clairaudient, or trance channel. What this means is that they may receive messages from spirits through their psychic vision, hearing, or another type of spiritual communication. It is important to check for reviews before you book a mediumship reading.

Q. How to get the most out of a Tarot Reading?

Even if you find the right reader, sometimes a reading may sound off if you are not receptive. You should not feel insecure when receiving a reading. Be open and available to the reader, and give them the chance to channel accurate messages for you.

Finding the right reader for your preferred reading style is still the most important thing. Each reader may have different abilities, experience levels, and styles. The great thing about finding the right psychic is that you can have a reader who specializes in the specific category of your choice and is a good fit for you personality-wise. This will ensure that you get the most accurate reading possible.

Q. How accurate are Online Psychic Readings?

The accuracy of a psychic reading entirely depends on the skill of the reader. A very gifted reader with enough experience can give you high levels of accuracy. There are no limitations to how accurate a psychic reader can be in predicting your destiny or in getting messages related to your current life situation.

Accuracy also depends on the interpretation of the information received by the psychic. A truly unbiased and experienced psychic reader will be able to derive accurate information from Tarot cards or from whatever tools they may use. To some extent, it also depends on you, whether you are open to psychic readings.

Many people who have found the best online psychic reading site for themselves do benefit from very accurate and helpful psychic readings that guide them through challenging phases of their life. So, it is definitely possible to connect with a reader who can understand and advise on important issues in your life.

Q. Can anyone do a Psychic Reading?

A psychic reading requires someone who has the natural gift or who has activated the ability to connect with another person and interpret spiritual messages for them. Skill and experience are both needed to deliver accurate psychic readings. Not everyone can do psychic readings simply using Tarot cards.

A lot of psychic readers have special skills like clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, etc. They are able to sense information that others are not able to perceive. This higher perception and practice is what makes them really good psychic readers.

Some psychics may use various tools to improve the accuracy of their psychic readings or better interpret the messages coming through, but it is their own gifts developed over time that allow them to provide helpful advice to you regarding your present or your future.

In Conclusion: Which One Is The Best Site For Online Psychics?

We all need guidance from time to time to avoid pain and suffering in life. It requires someone with wisdom and the ability to understand our situations to offer valuable advice to us. Fortunately, there are people with the gift to help us when we are indecisive or going through a difficult phase.

We realized that not all psychic reading sites on the web are genuine. Some are just good at marketing and do not have skilled readers. We wanted to look for authentic psychics and bring more focus to the platforms that are doing good work.

Our research allowed us to select some of the best online psychic reading sites that offer a variety of different psychic reading services. You can expect to find a few of the top psychics listed on these excellent platforms. We also hope this article brought greater clarity to you about how psychic readings work. Our recommendation would be to go for either Kasamba or Keen for your troubles owing to their top-of-the-line user interface and transparent system.

Knowing how these work and what to expect will better help you decide on who to go to for the most accurate psychic reading. Of course, you must check the reviews for a reader and read their profile information before going ahead with the psychic reading. But trying these most reputed psychic reading platforms can save you money and give you desired results at the same time.

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