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Mr. Smarty Pants Knows

By Mr. Smarty Pants, August 27, 2021, Columns

A platypus makes a low growling noise when it's upset or disturbed. The plural of platypus, by the way, is "platypuses" or "platypodes."

The antiseptic Mercurochrome (often referred to as "monkey's blood") was discontinued for containing mercury.

It looks like the Taliban is leaning toward banning COVID-19 vaccinations. They prevented children from getting the polio vaccine in 2018, but it seems it wasn't due to religious reasons; they worried polio vaccinators going door to door were spies, and they killed some vaccinators.

Artisanal ice cream makers pay up to $40,000 per flavor to get placement on store shelves.

"Mu" and "Pan" are alternate names for Atlantis. It is believed ancient Egypt was founded by Queen Moo, a refugee from the continent, and that people who lived in Mu used sorcery and magic and had advanced technology for the times. According to one source, in one ancient language, "Ja-Pan" means "Remnant of Pan."

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