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Mr. Smarty Pants Knows

By Mr. Smarty Pants, August 13, 2021, Columns

George Washington died in 1799. The first dinosaur bone was discovered in 1819. So Washington died without knowing dinosaurs had ever existed.

Native Americans in Texas made bows from the wood of the esperanza (yellow bells) plant, and in Mexico, a beer was made from its roots.

Henry Ford gained fame by paying workers the high wage of $5/day. What's lesser known is, this was based on a worker having a family to qualify for it. The company employed a department of inspectors to ensure workers' wives were engaged full time in domestic duties instead of other employment.

A temperature inversion occurs when a layer of warmer air traps a layer of cooler air on the surface. Sound, light, and radio waves bounce between the top of the cool lower layer of air and the ground. Sounds travel further in these conditions.

On average pointe shoes cost ballet dancers between $45 and $120 per pair. Some dancers go through 100 pairs of shoes in a season.

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