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We Have an Issue: Check It Out

In this week’s issue, Music Editor Raoul Hernandez reflects on Checking In, his Q&A series chronicle musicians’ lives under COVID-19 lockdown

By Kimberley Jones, January 22, 2021, Columns

In late March, mere weeks into the pandemic that we've carried into another year, Music Editor Raoul Hernandez launched a Q&A series with local musicians. He called it Checking In, a name that carried special resonance for him. It was directly inspired by the language we were all using in those disorienting first days of COVID-19, when the days were full of worried calls and texts and emails: I just wanted to check in.

"I've always viewed journalism as social work," he told me on Monday, as we hung around after a meeting in the Zoom room where we all live now. He said the checking-in process was sometimes overwhelming, as artists laid bare the tolls of isolation and lost income and "my life is melting" stress. But for musicians and music fans alike, these regular posts provided a way to stay connected to a scattered community.

Raoul concluded the series in December with his 100th artist Q&A, and in this week's issue, he takes the measure of the nine-month-long project. You can find that here, then visit to thumb through the whole archive.

And on the subject of the music community: Don't forget to vote in the Austin Chronicle's annual Music Poll at Voting ends Monday, Feb. 1, at midnight.

Finally: Happy Inauguration! I hope your load feels a little lighter. Mine surely does.


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