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Mr. Smarty Pants Knows

By Mr. Smarty Pants, January 15, 2021, Columns

For his presidential inauguration, John Quincy Adams swore on a law book. And Teddy Roosevelt was inaugurated at a friend's house.

The great albatross is the largest web footed bird.

Human blood is never blue, even though it appears that way. When it leaves the heart, it's full of oxygen and bright red. After traveling through the body, it's at most a very dark red. It appears to be blue in your veins because the shorter, blue wavelength of light doesn't have to travel as far as red.

Nedra Volz, who played feisty old ladies on TV shows including All in the Family and Diff'rent Strokes, didn't start her acting career until she was 67.

According to Popular Mechanics, you can sorta measure the speed of light with a microwave and a chocolate bar. Remove the microwave turntable, put chocolate on a plate in the oven, and turn on the oven for 20 seconds. Measure the wavelength of the chocolate's melting pattern and multiply it by the frequency of the oven.

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