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Mr. Smarty Pants Knows

By Mr. Smarty Pants, December 14, 2018, Columns

Genghis Khan's Mongol horde probably had rampant hepatitis B, according to researchers at Cambridge University.

According to The New York Times, NASA researchers say the accelerated destruction of Borneo's forests for oil-palm cultivation contributed to the largest single-year global increase in carbon emissions in two millennia.

Japanese folklore describes a Namazu, a giant catfish that lives in the mud beneath the surface, that is restrained by Kashima, a god who protects Japanese people from earthquakes. When Kashima relaxes his guard, the catfish thrashes about, causing the ground to shake and crack.

Some cuckoos screech like hawks to frighten unsuspecting brooders away from the nests.

A recent study found that 25% of whites in the U.S. own guns; that compares to 14% of African-Americans and 16% of Latinos.

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