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Get your thrill and Edom too at Blueberry Hill Farms

By Gerald E. McLeod, June 6, 2014, Columns

Blueberry Hill Farms outside of Edom is the high altar of the indigo superfood. The mighty little orbs taste a thousand times better when picked fresh from the bush by your own hand.

The blueberries at the pick-your-own farm in Northeast Texas are running a little late this year due to a late frost, but it's looking like a good crop. The juicy blackberries have already begun peeking out from under the leaves. The farm opens on weekends beginning June 1, and the berries should be in full swing by the middle of the month.

The seasonal country store at the farm is worth the drive. The shelves are loaded with a celebration to the bounty of gardens with few fruits or vegetables avoiding the delicious fate of being pickled, canned, preserved, or jammed.

Among all the tasty treats, it's the farm's kitchen that really shines. Fresh scones, muffins, and pies featuring the farm's signature blueberries are fit for the king of any household. The homemade blueberry ice cream will buckle your knees in pure ecstasy.

Blueberry Hill Farms is south of Edom at 10268 FM 314. For directions, go to or call 903/852-6175. About a four-hour drive from Austin and 30 minutes west of Tyler, the village is at a crossing of country roads. Besides art galleries, antique shops, and a plant nursery, the settlement boasts the Shed Cafe and Edom Bakery & Grill eateries.

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