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Mr. Smarty Pants Knows

By Mr. Smarty Pants, April 25, 2014, Columns

China consumes half of all the world's pork products.

Daisy was started in 1882 as Plymouth Iron Windmill Company in Plymouth, Michigan. In 1888 the company started to give BB guns with purchases of windmills. The gun was so popular the company started to sell guns instead of windmills.

Subaru is Japanese for Seven Sisters — also known as the Pleiades.

Add all of us up – all 7 billion human beings on Earth – and clumped together we weigh roughly 750 billion pounds. That, says Harvard biologist E.O. Wilson, is more than 100 times the biomass of any other large animal that's ever walked the Earth.

The Dalai Lama likes to repair watches in his spare time.

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