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Mr. Smarty Pants Knows

By Mr. Smarty Pants, February 21, 2014, Columns

According to Nick R. Martin at Talking Points Memo, during his time hosting The Tonight Show, Jay Leno told 4,607 jokes about Bill Clinton.

Dob's Linn, near Moffat, Scotland, is home to the end-Ordovician extinction, which happened some 440 million years ago. Had the list of survivors been only a tiny bit different, we would have a different world today.

Unlike animals, plants can lose up to 90% of their body and not die.

According to a recently published study from the Department of Education, more men and women at age 27 live with their parents than with roommates.

According to an article by Holly Richmond for Grist, mica is an important ingredient in many cosmetics – sometimes labeled as "Glimmer, Kaliglimmer, Muskovit, or CI 77019." Most comes from India and the vast majority is illegal – mined by children in conditions that risk cave collapse, cuts and skin infections, and silicosis.

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