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By Kate X Messer, January 11, 2013, Columns

Last week, in our Top 10 issue, your friendly neighborhood Gay Place Krewe weighed in with both national and local Tops as well as a Bottom 10 gay list. We are a community that, despite our advances in the realm of equal rights, still suffers many mind-numbing setbacks in the quest. Truth is that we, in actuality, already hold the same rights as everyone else, simply via our status as living, breathing human beings; it's just going to take some time and evolution (or revolution) to get the message through the thick heads and cold hearts of those who prefer to remain pre-Stone Age in their approach to humanity.

That said, we were made aware that QueerBomb had not made our Top Local list. It's good news, we think, when an event becomes so steeped in tradition that it no longer warrants news. Our advice? Add ritual sacrifice to the festivities. That'd put you at least at No. 8. (We adore you, QueerBomb.) It reminded us, however, that we meant to put Free & Queer Cinema at the North Door (née ND) on the list. It's a charming manifestation of queer love held every last Tuesday of the month, 7:30pm, and we endorse it highly. This month's happens on Jan. 29. See next week's Gay Place for details.

In other news, Bernadette's has reopened and GayBiGayGay is back (Sun., Mar. 17). The Gay Place blog is the place to be for up-to-date news like this:

Last, but not least: We are beside ourselves with blushing glee to have been nominated for King of Austin's first ever 12th Night Austin, a bit of ridiculous Mardi Gras sass in what can sometimes feel like a precious Hipford Wives town. Bon temps! Bon temps! Bon temps! Congrats to King Gina and Queen Kitty! Long may you laissez les bon temps rouler. We have a special online gallery up testifying that this event marks the start of something big.


FREE BUFFET and six-hour happy hour. Whoa. Mon.-Fri., 5-7pm. 'Bout Time II, 6607 N. I-35.

AUSTIN GAY BASKETBALL LEAGUE WINTER SEASON OPENER It's tip-off time! Check out the new season and afterparty socials. Thu., Jan. 10, 7pm and 8pm games; 10pm postgame social. Austin Sports Center, 425 Woodward.

BITTERHEART SOCIETY Old-school punk rockers Tee and Co. will rock your face off, then eat it like zombies. Fri., Jan. 11, 9:30pm. Red Eyed Fly, 715 Red River. $5, 21+; $8 under 21.

POO POO PLATTER: POST APOOPCALYPSE Another installation of Austin's favorite poo-flingers, hosted by Arcie and Lady Gackle, plus das Poo Poo Players: Bulimianne Rhapsody, Merci Killingspree, Kitty Buick, La Horrorchata, and more. Dress to poop for Annie DePressant's costume contest, and DJs Mouth­feel and Dren Pasht will have you hoofin' like constipated chickens. Fri., Jan. 11, 10pm. Elysium, 705 Red River. $3.

GINGER LEIGH Gingerly. Is that how Ginger sings? Hell naw. This babe belts it. Sat., Jan. 12, 9pm. One-2-One Bar, 1509 S. Lamar, 473-0121.

DEADLY 7 Althea Trix and Judy Von Miller (and a cast of dozens) are up to their old trix again, times seven. And you know what that means: wrath, greed, gluttony, pride, lust, envy, and sloth. Oh, those poor baby sloths! Sat., Jan. 12, 10:30pm. Lipstick24, 606 E. Seventh.

CRYSTAL ARK GOES DEEP INSIDE LCD Soundsys­tem's Gavin and NYC legend Viva Ruiz collaborate on this mind-melting night of pop(pers) featuring Austin's beloved DJs Mouthfeel and CBass, plus visuals by SP∑CTRUM and art by Xavier Schipani. Sat., Jan. 12, 10pm. Loft 718, 718 Congress, $8; $12 under 21 (18+ only).,,

FREE BURGERS Drink specials start at noon. Free food in the afternoon. Sundays, 4-6pm. 'Bout Time II, 6607 N. I-35. Free.

UNITED COURT PRESENTS 'TO WONG FOO' Get "red & wild" with the babes of Austin's United Court of fabulous gender-bending royalty and host/esses Prince Hardeux Tack and Princess Pannica Tack; there'll be trivia prizes, a raffle for a $150 shopping spree at Package Menswear, a costume contest, and more, all for Project Transitions. Now, how are we supposed to see over all those wigs?! Sun., Jan. 13, 7pm. Alamo Drafthouse at the Ritz, 320 E. Sixth, 476-1320. $12.

BEDPOSTIN' WITH THE CONFESSION KIDS Very nice bedtime stories, if you know what we mean. This month: The Gay Place's own Andy Campbell heats you up like a Hot Pocket. Ungh! Thu., Jan. 17, 8pm. The North Door, 501 N. I-35, 485-3001. $10.


ERASURE'S VINCE CLARK Depeche, Yazoo, Erasure, remix master: That's some heavenly action, babies. Sun., Jan. 20, 9pm. Elysium, 705 Red River. $10; $50 VIP.

SEX TALK: A SYMPOSIUM WITH BENEFITS Let's talk about sex, baby, with a panel of sexperts, including a certain mister Dan Savage. Mon., Jan. 28, 8am-7pm. Alma Thomas Fine Arts Center, 1001 E. Univer­sity Ave., Georgetown, 512/863-1504. Free with preregistration; open to the public.

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