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After a Fashion

By Stephen MacMillan Moser, September 16, 2011, Columns

S'talking Fashion

Last Thursday was the worldwide Fashion's Night Out, started by Vogue's Anna Wintour, which has finally begun to catch on in Austin. I like that we are becoming part of concurrent events across the globe. Neiman-Marcus had a pretty fab little Fashion's Night Out: Jacki Oh and I gawked at the fall previews, and bay-bee, the fur was flying all over the store. Sheared fur, clipped fur, knitted fur, and dyed fur; vests, jackets, scarves, and hoods appeared in many departments. The color purple ruled the night. From deep cerise to aubergine to burgundy, it is the statement to make. Not exactly the newest trend, it's been around for several seasons already, but purple has incredible staying power, and there's a shade to flatter everyone. Additional Fashion's Night Out events occurred at the W Hotel and By George, among others. Then Jacki and I were off to the Long Center for Hospice Austin's Beauty of Life VIP party, which previewed the Glossy 8 awards bestowed by Glossy magazine. The "8" included a number of good friends – Trish Murphy, Kendra Scott, Mark Ashby, Kesha Dirkson, Wendi Kushner, and Donna Stockton-Hicks, among others.


I was on one of my favorite gay gossip and political forums and became interested in a thread called "Texas Is Burning." It is very clear that the rest of the country seems to think about Texas in a way similar to how the rest of the world thinks about the U.S. The comments about the fires were shockingly cruel and ridiculous. "Texas deserves it" and "Let 'em burn" were the underlying sentiments. I hate that this tragedy has become nothing more than an opportunity for ugly political debate. I do understand the sentiment, but we are talking about threats to people's homes, lives, and livelihoods. So I composed a post of my own, defending my choice to be a Texan. Here's an excerpt: "I do not fit into anyone's preconceived idea of what a Texan is. Despite the changing political winds, I grew up in a Texas that was Democratic, and believe that most Texans are good, decent people. Last week, we were inundated with images of the hurricane and the damage it caused in the East and Northeast. There was an outpouring of help from Texans: equipment, supplies, and money. This week, we're the ones under siege. Having compassion for someone in trouble goes beyond party lines. Many of us think our governor is loathsome, too. But when my family's home is under threat from disaster, the last thing I'm going to do is wait to see what the government is going to do for me. Instead, I do everything possible to secure myself, be prepared, and have an escape plan. Then I can help my friends and neighbors ... without taking a poll to see who they voted for."


I have it on sworn testimony from an old friend that Drew Barrymore has married her current beau, Will Kopelman (art dealer and son of former Chanel CEO Arie Kopelman), and that they have purchased a house on Lake Austin. The secluded abode has a private, man-made beach, which should set it apart from the others along the banks. You heard it here first!


Reader E. Rex Spurr wrote to tell me of his sadness when he dropped in for his regular haircut at the Beauty Store Salon & Spa near Central Market, only to find out that his longtime stylist, Chong Castillo, had passed away the week before. Shocked and saddened, Spurr wrote that he had never really cared about haircuts until this sweet, vivacious stylist took the time to give him consistently excellent work. Chong was a perfect example of the dedicated, professional stylist that really makes the beauty business happen in Austin.

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