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By Kate X Messer, April 15, 2011, Columns

WHERE THE UNICORNS ARE We were going to spout off about what a crazy gay day Sunday is, then we got a load of the rest of this week's calendar. Geeez-o-cripes, when is our day of rest? Sunday is our big day, starting off with the Foodies-fueled Kitty's Dirty South at Gypsy on East Sixth. The theme is Biscuits 'n' Beer as Kitty moves her fledgling food fete to a larger venue. She'll still be hosting each launch of new cuisine themes at her casa, we understand, but is partnering with the lush and lovely Gypsy for once-a-month brunch parties. So, this is where we'll be on this weekend's (supposed) day of rest. We are a tad biased, truth be told, as we are DJ'ing the brunch (all vinyl, yo, old and new). We'd love to see y'all come out and sidle up to a biscuit or two and bathe yourself in Kitty's fine Southern scrumptiousness. As soon as we break down our rig, we're gonna try to hoof it over and catch some of the East Side Homo-House Hop, then swoon over Agent Ribbons at Treasure City Thrift before they embark on their left coast tour. That's just Sunday. Dang! (See Sunday.) Tonight (Thursday), we're gonna do our damnedest to squeeze in Bedpost Confessions (you know we love us some Sadie and Julie, et al., some Andy Campbell, some magician Jack, and some Mizarre). Then there's Mouthfeel at big Q homebase Cheer Up Charlie's and Lady Miss Kier spinning at our beloved Elysium. What's a pony to do? To where shall the horn lead? Only Dandy Unicorn knows for sure. Hope to see you out and about! (See Thursday.)

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