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By Kate X Messer, March 4, 2011, Columns

QUEER BIRDS OF A FEATHER Don't know about you, but these weeks are so densely packed with events and parties and theme nights and fundraisers they sometimes feel like so many cartoon orbits around the head with stars or tweety birds spinning out of control – mine eyes have become Xs. This week is no exception. There's just too much to recommend and cobble together. But we'll give it the old collage try. Tonight, for example, is the renaissance, the resurrection, the re-emergence, the rebirth, the what have you, of CampCamp, the beloved queer talent show so nice, they named it couscous. If you are newish to town (mmm, say, within the past two years), you owe it to yourself to soak in this fertile, influential estuary of da and da. CampCamp is definitely a sturdy trunk on any assessment of Austin's queer family tree. (See Thursday.) On Saturday, we are most intrigued by the Austin visit by Mobile Homecoming ( Our own Out Youth will host this traveling documentary project/living "herstory" archivists with a potluck. Come on out and welcome these most excellent visitors. Later that night, we are super stoked to know that this year's Viva Las Vegas for AIDS Services of Austin kicks it up a couple of showgirl notches with a taut little buttocks lift. Viva has often teetered between annually reinventing herself and staying true to her casino roots, and this year should raise some new bars. Coco Coquette's Allyson Garro and her fine flock of fancies and frippery will make a scene and the scene at this year's fundraiser. You probably read Our Style Avatar's recent gusher (see "After a Fashion," Feb. 18) about her last show, Cherchez la Femme, but if you didn't, just know that it restored his "faith in local fashion presentations" (and fabricated an entire dogma out of glitter and feathers for yours truly). Garro's mad, mad curatorial skills have been solicited for Viva's fashion/performance segment, a show-within-a-show called Vegas: Past, Present, and Future. (We humbly suggest that you keep your eyes peeled for a coupla hundred teal and turquoise eyes peering back at you from the feathery frock of one strutting peacock aka Mizarre.) Good call, ASA. Sky Candy aerialists and DJ Orion (Yo Majesty) also stack the deck in your favor. (See Saturday.)

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