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By Kate X Messer, February 4, 2011, Columns

CHANGE IS GOOD Paper money is better, of course, and we'll take any free samples you'd like to share. Oh, but you know we mean the other sort of change, too, yes? Well, over the next few ... weeks? months? ... this section will get a bit of a revamp. An overhaul. You saw the beginnings of the rumblings last week with the online redesign (pardon our dust), and as the bugs and kinks get worked out of that, we here at your friendly neighborhood Gay Place are cookin' up our own li'l queer sauce. First up, we have brought in an artist to assist with our blog art. Art maven and all around cutie pie Lindsey Taylor will be getting all sketchy on our behalf. You may have heard of or seen her work with Little Stolen Moments. (Yes, that L.T. Pinch us.) Chuffed, we are, thusly. Plus, there is a rumor goin' round that this very "column" (or weird little "special comment," as we like to call it) will be slurped in to what looks to be an entire Gay Place section. Yes! Again! Reunited, and it feeeeels so good. Like we used to do, back in the day. That means all the gay will be in one place. Whew! It also means something much more significant and dear to our hearts: Look for the print return of one dashing, dapper, retooled (hey! watch it!) unihorned hottie named Dandy ( to leap from his online exile back into the actual pages of The Austin Chronicle, hooves on fire. Oh, we are so excited. Also, for all our yakkin' about party planning and throwing, we neglected to observe one fact: Austin LGBTQers, you are lousy with events! Just filthy! Just look at our listings. Look how many weekly and special events effectively fall under Gay Place. And we don't even catch everything. So, instead of adding our noise to the fray, we are regrouping and thinking of a collaborative way to piggyback on to your events – a veritable stable of unicorn street team, if you will. Oh, and we have not even begun to talk about the South by Southwest, et al., March madness that your GPers will be infiltrating. Keep your ears to the trail, and watch out for the unipoop. Like the rest of this rag, this is a work in progress.

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