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It's the last chance to make your case in 2010-11 'Austin Chronicle' Music Poll

By Louis Black, January 28, 2011, Columns

It's that time again; yes, it is that time again. The Austin Chronicle Music Poll Ballot will run for the last time this year in this issue of the Chronicle. It is also online. Since the very first poll results were printed on March 5, 1982 (during the Chronicle's first year of publication), they have served as an ongoing history of Austin music and musicians as written and perceived by its fans – you guys, in other words.

The Chronicle constantly gets reactions complaining about our music coverage, as do all the other media outlets in town that cover music. This scene wasn't created by and isn't owned by anyone but the musicians, the fans, and those who work in the music business. The poll results are not edited, tampered with, or changed to reflect the Chronicle staff's tastes. They belong to you, or at least those of you who vote.

Now is the time to kick in with your feelings about Austin music in 2010 and 2011. All polls past are now taken as crucial, important documents of their contemporary music scenes. Writers bring attitude, musicians bring biases, music-business people bring their perspectives, but the fans are there only to listen, to enjoy, and, yes, sometimes to love. These polls are anchored in history, but they reach out to the future. Ten, 20, 25 years from now, this current poll will be taken as one of the most accurate reflections of the current local music scene.

Don't you want to make sure that your opinions are part of this picture?

From "Page Two," Jan. 14, 2000:

"It is that time of year when we ask to hear from you about the Austin music scene. The Austin Music Poll ballot and the end-of-the-decade ballot are available in this issue. During the rest of the year, the critics, club bookers, radio deejays, and record company folks control how Austin music is presented and promoted. The Austin Chronicle Music Poll is your chance to take the wheel and tell the critics what you think. Remember, as the music fan, you are the lifeblood of the music community. Please vote. The more readers we hear from, the more accurate the poll is. You buy the CDs, you go to the clubs, you support the bands – now vote."

From "Page Two," Jan. 31, 1997:

"This issue is your last chance to fill out The Austin Chronicle Music Poll ballot. Although it may seem like an intimidating task, you can fill out as much of it or as little as you want. Over the last 15 years, the music scene has grown and changed, sprouted and shrunk, matured and ruptured: Over the years, the Music Poll results have been a running document of what has gone on. It seems odd to look at the class of '82, the cover photo of the first Music Poll winners, many of whom will still win, place, or show in this year's poll. The scene has changed, but its history is alive and working.

"The ballot is your chance, readers, to step forward and be counted. In many ways, the music scene defines this community and the poll is constructed to reflect not just the winners but the top ten or so runners-up in over 60 categories. Voting assures your favorites, the ones you listen to in clubs and on the radio; the artists whose CD you buy get the attention they deserve."

Included here (below) is a list of all the Band of the Year winners for the entire run of the poll so far. This is history as written by you. The quality of this list on into the future is up to you as well. Fill out the Music Poll Ballot at

Most importantly, have fun! This should be a totally entertaining exercise as you think about the music you listen to, the shops you attend, and the bands that excite you!

'Austin Chronicle' Music Poll Band of the Year Winners, 1981-2009

2009-10: Bob Schneider & Lonelyland

2008-09: Bob Schneider & Lonelyland

2007-08: Spoon

2006-07: Asleep at the Wheel

2005-06: Spoon

2004-05: Los Lonely Boys

2003-04: Los Lonely Boys

2002-03: Del Castillo

2001-02: Alien Love Child

2000-01: Vallejo

1999-2K: The Scabs

1998-99: TIE: Storyville, Fastball

1997-98: Storyville

1996-97: Storyville

1995-96: Ian Moore Band

1994-95: Storyville

1993-94: Arc Angels

1992-93: Arc Angels

1991-92: Arc Angels

1990-91: The Joe Ely Band

1989-90: Poi Dog Pondering

1988-89: The Joe Ely Band

1987-88: The Reivers

1986-87: The Fabulous Thunderbirds

1985-86: Dino Lee & the White Trash Revue

1984-85: Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble

1983-84: Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble

1982-83: The Fabulous Thunderbirds

1981-82: The Fabulous Thunderbirds

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