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Luv Doc Recommends: Beard Prom

American Legion Hall, Friday, January 28, 2011

By The Luv Doc, January 28, 2011, Columns

Your beard may look ridiculous, but here's some good news: You can shave it off. You can't say that about your My Chemical Romance armband tattoo. Sure, you might have been a cutter, but you probably don't have the sack (or unexpressed emotional pain) for a bloodbath like that. Maybe it's best that you stick with grungy long-sleeve shirts, ratty jorts, and the type of beard Moses brought back with the Ten Commandments. After all, God has a beard, and He made us in His image, right? Of course by that reasoning, God must have an uncircumcised penis, an appendix, and possibly a disturbing amount of back hair. Jesus, on the other hand, was circumcised, but only because circumcision is prescribed in the Bible, which, it turns out, is the word of God. How perfect is that? Jesus also rocked a beard, but unlike God, his was more of a high school guidance counselor beard – the kind you wear to show you have feelings. As for back hair – apparently that went out with the Old Testament. If current trends are any indication, however, back hair is poised to make a comeback. No one could have imagined that so many seemingly intelligent young men would willingly abandon thousands of years of personal grooming evolution just so they could hide their ironic smirks. That would be crazy … especially now that the Gillette Fusion ProGlide is available. Five blades, motherfucker, five blades! Not even Axe's ball scrubber can outshine that type of brilliance. One blade lifts. One blade cuts. The other three define the term "redundancy." Oh those scruffy-faced, dirty-sacked old-timers with their twin blades and shower puffs! Such crude and ineffective implements are enough to make men abandon grooming altogether. Maybe that explains why so many young men these days look like Tom Hanks in Cast Away. Then again, maybe it doesn't. There is a certain hipster cachet in sporting a look that says, "I'm just too lazy to give a fuck," even when you aren't. And really, the harder you work that angle, the more it seems like you're trying. You think Billy Gibbons just woke up one morning and said, "What is all this shit?" Well actually, considering the copious amounts of drugs ZZ Top probably has access to, that's a real possibility, but if you're walking around sporting Ambrose Burnside-style mutton chops or a Rollie Fingers handlebar mustache, you've fully crossed the Rubicon of mindless sloth and into the territory of consciously cultivated narcissism. No shame in that game, just own up to it. Better yet, flaunt it. This Confederate generals facial-hair craze isn't going to last forever. Soon enough Gillette will invent a pre-lubed razor with seven blades, and we'll all be as smooth and hairless as a baby's ass. If you're running short on places to flaunt your chin varmint, you're in luck this Friday, because that's when the Austin Facial Hair Club is throwing its first-ever Beard Prom, a full evening dedicated to the celebration of that which makes you look more heterosexual than you really are. You know … facial hair. Check it: Appetizers, raffle tickets, prom photo booth, DJs from Second Sunday Sock Hop, and, most importantly, an open bar. That alone is worth growing a quick George Michael.

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