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By Kate X Messer, December 31, 2010, Columns

WTF, PEOPLE? Another gay bashing in our town, in "our" district, with witnesses, and no one stepped up to help? Or even take down the damn tag of the car that stopped in the middle of the street to dispense the freakin' perpetrators? And the cops just yawn through it, like we are supposed to expect this sort of treatment? The Dallas Voice ( and Towleroad ( have both picked up the story (as of Monday) and we are working on our own piece. Bobby Beltran is a friend, not just to Gay Place, but to the entire community. He and his friend were sharing a holiday hug outside on Fourth Street when they got jumped. What is happening, friends? Why are we not able to fend for our own? Is it that there is no profit to be made in protecting our community? No networking opportunity? Really. We are capable of so much more than this. (For more, see "Naked City," and the Gay Place Blog.)

OUR WISH TO YOU Thank you for spending all the time you have with us this year, dear dear Gay Place readers. We know how valuable your time is and the depth and breadth of the competition for your attention span, so we appreciate you joining us all the more. Print journalism is strong, friends, no matter what the naysayers say. And your commitment to reading in print is validation in these muddled, troubled times. And for our friends who read online, we appreciate your clicking here, as there is a wild wide world of options, obviously, and still, you choose us. We'd like to continue to earn your trust and companionship. This past year, the Gay Place expanded her blog fold, and we hope for 2011 to flow this into more real-time, in-the-flesh events where we can meet and greet you out in public. So, what are you doing for New Year's Eve? This week's listings are chock-full, and the Gay Place contribution is pretty formidable (enough to earn its own section!), so we hope to see you out. Speaking of which:

CHEERS, QUEERS! Happiest of end-of-annus holidays, queer quaffin' darlin's: You know it's that time of year when (as we are wont to say) the merriment flows in Champagne rivers, tequila streams, white wine oceans, and cocktail dreams (not to mention some other delights that can get you not only in the holiday spirit but in a heap o' trouble ...). Make a pledge, right now, to not drink and drive. Please put these numbers in your phone or tattoo them to your eyelids, right this minute: Sober Ride, 657-2999; Yellow Cab, 452-9999; Capital Metro's Go Line, 474-1200 (plan ahead with Cap Metro online, as the buses do not necessarily run when you need that ride); Tipsy Taxi, 848-4553 (Tispy Taski! Tispy Taski! Tispy Taski!). Happy New Year, babies. Watch next week for the Gay Place Krewe's Top 10s of 2010.

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