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By Kate X Messer, November 26, 2010, Columns

TURKEY WITH FAMILY Every year for the last 27, Charlie's Austin has hosted and served free Thanksgiving dinner. Last year, we didn't make it because we were on the shore kissing a dolphin, but this year looks like another day of thanks spent on Lavaca with friends, known and new. It's a sweet tradition that we have been enjoying for the better part of our almost two decades in town. Sometimes we bring the kid (he's of tender, legal age); sometimes we meet pals there; sometimes we fly solo. No matter our number, though, new friends always factor into the mix. Charlie's begins serving at 1pm, and all you have to bring is your gorgeous self. If you'd like to bring a dessert to share, there is always a scrumptious buffet table of after-dinner treats, and the more is always the merrier, cookie (hint, hint). (See Thursday.)

POST-TRYPTOPHAN BLOWOUT Sure, sure, the day after Turkey Day is the sales event of the season, blah blah. It's even earned its own color. And the Black Friday megasales usually stretch across the entire weekend. Well, the Gay Place Krewe can't resist getting in on the action, so we are setting up shop in The Austin Chronicle parking lot this Saturday, 8am-3pm for the Gay Place Ga(y)rage Sale. Many Gay Placers, some Chroniclers, and an assortment of fabulous friends will have tables loaded with deals galore. Our building is just north of the campus area and proximate to the Hancock Center, Mueller, the Delwood Shopping Center, and lots of local shopping. We hope you'll come out and say hi! And drop a dead president or inventor/statesman or two. (See Saturday.)

WE LIED So, two weeks ago, we outlined our master plan for the Gay Place Blog (, laying out the featured themes of each weekday of workweek blogging. Since then, we have changed our collective mind. Tuesday is our new day for features about LGBTQ allies. Wednesday shall be the new home of 'Mo Music, the homotastic queersplosion of what's in the clubs, on our 'pods, and in our pads. Please come hang out with us virtually.

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