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By Kate X Messer, October 15, 2010, Columns

AND REPRESENT SOME MORE Welcome again to Coming Out Week, Month, Year. Seriously, gang, it is time to amass the legions. We need everyone: In addition to Ls, Gs, Bs, and Ts, we need allies, queers, questioning, everybody. Remember the presidential election before the last one (the one where Bush got re-elected)? 2004? Gay marriage became the national straw bitch, a gauntlet thrown by the radical right that gay community types and supporters felt a need to take up. Problem was, LGBT-land was caught off-guard in this blind fight. Gay marriage wasn't even a huge cause in many of our minds. How the hell were we supposed to defend a position that wasn't yet clearly defined? Sure, bottom-line social-justice and constitutional-protection issues should have held sway and saved the day, but coming up against the irrationality of "Our God does not like you. Here is this randomly translated text in which He says so, really" made for a slippery political slope. Jumping back to this year, the right is flinging the requisite dozen undies to the wall to see what sticks: immigration, Muslims, abortion, and, since most of those have been sliding to the floor, the old reliable – the ghey. Yes, friends, we have become the "old chestnut." Even in the face of the recent spotlight on gay teen suicide, righty pundits and politicos are unabashed in their gay-bash spew. Some really hate us; some just say shit to get a rise: They know there is a certain percentage of their base they can outrage. How do you feel about being used in this way? We Gay Placers feel pretty crappy about it and feel that the only logical stand to take is to stand up. Now, we are fully aware of the eye rolls that await from many beloved club boys, alterna-queers, disenfranchised trans brethren, and very comfortable, well-heeled DINKs, but we are going to say it anyway: In a few weeks, we are going to ask you to vote. So get your eye rolls out of the way now and get ready to plug your nose. There is an election afoot, and it's time to stand the hell up. (To be continued ....) (In the meanwhile, check "On the Campaign Trail," in the News section for local election info.)

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