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By Kate X Messer, October 1, 2010, Columns

UNICORNS & MERMAIDS DO TOO EXIST If you have ever seen a narwhal, then you know it's true, because narwhals are their love children. Duh. Unicorns and mermaids also exist in the spirit of people, and this week, we'd like to introduce you to two. Or, more specifically, we'd like to invite you to introduce yourselves to two. And you'll have to go to our blog to do so. This week, the Gay Place Blog and the Gay Place Krewe welcome two new bloggers/compatriots to the fold: Rob Cohen and Julie Gillis! The two n00bs join veteran GPers Andy Campbell, Frank Rivera, and yours truly for fun and frolic in our meadow of LGBTQ modernity. This week, the blog has seen the launch of inaugural posts of what will be regular weekly features. We have a new weekly feature for each day of the work week. Here's what we have planned so far (with more fun and silly/serious shizznit to come on the horizon): News AggreGAYte for the Week of ... (Mondays, by Rob), Mo' Music (Tuesdays, by Rob and eventually others), Hump Our Allies (Wednesdays, by Julie), Bidness/BizNasty (Thursday, by Frank), and Blingee Fridays (Fridays, mostly by Andy). The themes, tones, and subjects of these new columns seem pretty self-explanatory by their titles, but a simple click will afford you a deeper glimpse into the frontal and parietal lobes of the giant unicorn mind meld. These new regular features will appear, of course, in addition to news, pop cultural hoo-ha, local events, commentary, random Rachel Maddow idolatry, and more. And keep those mouse fingers nimble as we introduce more bloggers and regular features over the next few weeks! We are so excited, we may need to bring in a few extra stable hands to wrangle these single-horned broncs (not to mention to shovel out the inevitable increase in uni-poop).

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