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By Kate X Messer, July 30, 2010, Columns

HAVE YOU SUBMITTED YET? Here's what we wrote last year in our 2009 "Best of Austin" issue about Nathan Manske's I'm From Driftwood website.

Best Place to Find Your True Gay Self: I'm From Driftwood

Inspired by the classic photo of Harvey Milk sitting atop a parade car carrying his "I'm From Woodmere, N.Y." sign – illuminating the connection to gay life with Everytown, USA – I'm From Driftwood posts stories from across the globe. This veritable Gay 2.0, brilliantly applying the best in Google Maps technology, presents personal stories from real life about real people from real towns. Why? In the words of creator and Driftwood native Nathan Manske, "To the gay teens struggling to come out and deal with their sexuality, who to this day still attempt suicide 4 times more than straight kids, it says 'you are not alone.'"

Manske will be hosting a fundraiser and launch party for his next trip across the country to gather stories from LGBTLMNOPQ folks just like you for the site. Where will this party take place? Why, Driftwood, Texas, of course, the home of the venerable Salt Lick. Personally, we've never seen that pavilion gayed up good and proper and look very forward to it. When will this happen? Not 'til early September, but that means you have plenty of time to get online and share your unique tale of personal gayitude. (See Ongoing.)

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