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After a Fashion

By Stephen MacMillan Moser, November 3, 2006, Columns

OMIGOD Did she really say it? "Karl Lagerfeld's amazing. We have so many of the same thoughts, and we teach each other something new all the time." – Lindsay Lohan

HAAM-ING IT UP I was at a benefit recently for Health Alliance for Austin Musicians. Setting up a fund to provide insurance for musicians is such a great idea – in fact it's an idea that should be put into effect all across the board. How about a Health Alliance for Austin Writers? Or a Health Alliance for Austin Designers? Or Artists? Or Dancers? Or …? Are musicians any more deserving of health care than any other performers or artists? HAAM is a great idea, but I have a better one: Hire the musicians, artists, writers, etc., and pay them a living wage. Let them be able to take care of themselves. This is an opinion shared by the late Ginger Shults who served as the vice-president of the Austin Federation of Musicians and was quoted by a friend of hers at her funeral. She was absolutely correct. I feel the same way about waiters and waitresses; pay them a living wage and stop the ridiculous system of tipping. In New York, there are restaurants that will automatically add on a gratuity of 25% – regardless of whether the food and service were acceptable or not. It will, like everything else, work its way down here, too.

FUDGE THIS Have you seen those horrible television commercials for Domino's Pizza and their horrid little Fudgems? Imagine having your pizza delivered to your door by a driver accompanied by what appears to be a bale of hay covered with mud (or perhaps something even more distasteful). First off, the dame at the door reaches out and touches little Fudgems and recoils giggling after getting chocolate (or mud or whatever) on her hand. Then the brainless daughter dives right in and gives little Fudgems a big hug – leaving her coated with the mysterious dark substance while her mother laughs. Then Fudgems walks away, leaving tracks of dark footprints behind him. But what happened here? Fudgems didn't leave tracks when he walked up to the door. And can you imagine what happens when Fudgems gets back into the car? Ugh, the upholstery must be disgusting…

SIGHTINGS Purchasing plants and soaking up the ambience of the gardens at Big Red Sun a couple of weeks ago was none other than Martha Stewart

49 It was a memorable birthday week for me, highlighted by an enormous party on Wednesday, Oct. 25, with 200 of my closest friends. I'm incredibly privileged and grateful to be surrounded by such talented, accomplished, and loving pals … and I dearly wish I could figure out who gave me the cased-glass salt cellars from Gardens so I can thank them properly.

TONIGHT! TONIGHT! Thursday, Nov. 2, American YouthWorks presents the annual Help Clifford Help Kids benefit, co-chaired by Susan Antone, April Kimble, Lyle Lovett, Carla & Jack McDonald, Bobbie Nelson, and Willie Nelson. See for further info… Friday, Nov. 3, Arthouse presents the glamorous Harajuku Nights fundraiser with cocktails, dinner, auction, and karaoke like you can't imagine. For info, see… Nov. 2-12, the Jewish Community Association of Austin presents the Jewish Book Fair with panels, readings, and much more. See for further info… Sunday, Nov. 5, 3pm, at the Oasis, the "Best of Austin" award-winning Octopus Club presents its premiere fundraiser, the Octo Tea Dance, featuring the fabulous Jacinta. Go to for details… Friday, Nov. 10, at the Mansion at Judges' Hill, the Austin Humane Society presents Rags to Wags, benefit and presentation of the AHS Guardian Awards, emceed by Judy Maggio, with a reception, music by the Crying Monkeys, hors d'oeuvres, and a fashion show emceed by little ol' me. Go to for complete info.

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