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Do I Need a Lawyer to Change My Name Legally?

By Luke Ellis, September 29, 2006, Columns

I want to change my name. Is it easy to do? Do I have to get a lawyer to do it?

There are lots of reasons why someone might consider changing their name. Whether someone has a family situation that necessitates the change (divorce, adoption, etc.), wants to make a statement (remember the basketball player "World B. Free"), or just wants to sound cool (i.e., the long list of celebs who have changed their names), they'll need to get permission from a court to do so. Texas law does not, however, require someone to hire a lawyer in order to legally change his or her name.

In Texas, an adult who wants to change his or her name must file a petition requesting a change of name in the county where the adult resides. The petition filed with the court must include basic information about the person requesting the name change (name, sex, race, date of birth, driver's license number, Social Security number, and criminal history), the new name being requested, the reason the change in name is requested, and whether the person has ever been convicted of a felony. A legible copy of the adult's fingerprints must also be provided.

The court will grant the request if it finds the change of name is in the best interests of the person and the state. The person seeking the name change can then apply to the clerk of the court for a change of name certificate for a $10 fee. The certificate serves as proof of the name change.

Keep in mind that a person does not have an absolute right to have his or her name changed. A court may deny a request for a name change if it believes the request is designed to allow the person making the request to avoid creditors, hide from a checkered criminal past, or commit a fraudulent act. On the other hand, it is fairly easy for an adult to have his or her name legally changed if the request is made in good faith. There are also some additional requirements to comply with when trying to change the name of a child. Check out Chapter 45 of the Texas Family Code ( for more information regarding name changes in Texas.

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