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Mr. Smarty Pants Knows

By Mr. Smarty Pants, September 2, 2005, Columns

The first actor to be paid $1 million per film was Sean Connery for the James Bond picture Diamonds Are Forever.

According to, healthier girls have their first period at a younger age and worldwide there's been a decline in the age of menarche (time of a girl's first period) accompanying improved nutrition and sanitation.

In April 2001, the 77th Texas Legislature officially recognized Whataburger as a state treasure.

According to the National Association of Convenience Stores, on average, one in every 1,100 fill-ups was a gas theft last year – from a loss of $112 million in 2000 to $237 million in 2004.

According to one researcher, bonobo apes are a matriarchal society based on sexual favors.

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