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Want to help plan HIV Services?

By Kurt Becker, January 9, 2004, Columns

The Austin HIV Planning Council is responsible for planning and for allocating funds for HIV services in the Austin community. This means looking at what programs and services currently exist for people with HIV/AIDS and determining what is needed in the future. Developing this long-range plan is some of the most important work the Planning Council does and requires members to think very broadly about the issues.

The council is also responsible for allocating public funds according to the plan. As the administrative agent, the city of Austin Health Department actually distributes the grants to provider agencies and makes sure they follow the rules and regulations. Planning Council members work with city staff to see that the funds are spent effectively.

Establishing policies that ensure the Planning Council is running effectively, legally, and ethically is another responsibility. These policies are vital to the council's success.

Planning Council members work collaboratively as a group of diverse people in every aspect of service -- meeting efficiency, conflict management, recruitment, training, and committee assignments. A small staff works diligently to implement the council's policies and plans, and they appreciate the members' support.

To volunteer with the HIV Planning Council, please contact the support staff at 974-2407, or visit us on the Web at -- Kurt Becker, Planning Council Program Coordinator

Have questions about HIV or AIDS? Call the ASA Info-Line at 458-AIDS or e-mail

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