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About AIDS

By Sandy Bartlett, December 27, 2002, Columns

Happy New Year ... and Thanks!

Amid the crass commercialism and often phony sentiment of the holiday season, we at ASA are moved each year by the genuine outpouring of concern and help from the Central Texas community. It is truly humbling, and we and our clients are deeply grateful. It reminds us of what the season is supposed to be about and reconfirms our faith in our neighbors.

This disease, despite the misperceptions of the public (and the continuing denial of those at risk!), still causes great suffering and makes significant demands on those who actively care. Even so, our clients, volunteers, and caregivers demonstrate such courage, commitment, faith, love, and good humor that one would have to be made of stone to remain unmoved. For your example, we are grateful, for it is from you that we draw strength. Thank you.

Our gratitude goes also to the members of the community who encourage us in our work, whether with kind words or with financial support. We are indeed fortunate to be in Austin. Thank you.

We hope that things will be improved in 2003. We hope that your kind support of AIDS care and prevention will continue. And we hope for truly significant progress in treatment and in prevention effectiveness. We thank Austin for caring and wish all a happy New Year.

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