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Mr. Smarty Pants

By Mr. Smarty Pants, June 14, 2002, Columns

Scientifically, there is no such species as a "sea gull." The term is used as a catchall name for the many types of gulls.

In 1832, Congress declared all land west of the Mississippi River Indian territory. By 1850, there were four states west of the Mississippi.

U.N. officials and salt industry executives predict that iodine deficiency, a major cause of mental and learning disabilities, will be eliminated by 2005. Two billion people suffer from iodine deficiency, which can be alleviated by consuming iodized salt.

Ball moss is not moss; it's a member of the bromeliad family.

Swedish breakfasts may include coffee, fruit juice, Knäckebröd or Smörgasar (sandwiches) with ham or cheese, eggs, and Filmjölk (buttermilk).

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