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By Kate X Messer, July 28, 2000, Columns

Well, little ones, did you miss us? Yes, we were afloat in the Atlantic, wrapping up some family ties and soaking in the warm Florida sun. We had a lovely time, thank you for asking. Did Mr. Brenner take good care of you and your public service needs while we were out scopin' the hotties on Miami Beach? He's quite the young, eager pup, we must tell you. In fact, next time we go on holiday, we just might have to take the lad out to SoBe with us (with the permission of his fine, fine Missus, o'course). Slap a pair of Birdwells on that boy (or perhaps a fabulous Versace -- may he Rest in Peace -- sarong), and pass the cocoa butter! Watch out for that one, we say. That said, let us tell you, as we Q-Tip™ the sand and sea from our ear folds, that we know we missed out on a whole bunch last week. And we are all the sorrier for it. So we booked it back early from vacation. The amazing deli food at Wolfie's and the pasty German tourists in their pasty German thongs would just have to wait, because we couldn't possibly think of missing this week's The Sound of Music: Sing-a-Long at the Paramount Theatre this Saturday, July 29. Proceeds from the musical melee will benefit Project Transitions. The folks from the good Project, along with the The Austin Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival, have invited special guest Charmian Carr (Liesl Von Trapp, see related stories in Screens, p.64) to judge the wild Alpen oufits that you and you and you will be donning for the blessed event and to promote her book Forever Liesl at BookPeople earlier in the day. Tickets are available at BookPeople, Book Woman, Vulcan Video, Top Drawer Thrift, TapeLenders Video, or the Paramount. or 454-8646. Dog summer days like these remind us of our childhood coping mechanisms (before Eekee's family got a pool): lemonade stands, outdoor peanut butter picnics, running through the sprinklers, and seeking shelter from the sun in backyard treehouses. So it stands to reason that we get all wistful when Casas for CASA time comes around this time every year. CASA, of course, is Court Appointed Special Advocates, those valourous volunteers who stand in the stead of innocent kiddies enmeshed in nasty court cases. Great cause, this. The "Casas," of course, are their annual batch of architecturally marvelous playhouses to be raffled off. This year you may gaze upon their wonder at Barton Creek Square and Lakeline Mall, Thursday-Saturday, Aug. 3-12. Take a chance with a $3 ticket or go for broke with the 10 for $25 deal. 459-CASA.

Not for Swingers Only!

Hey! Get offa that barstool. When you said you wanted the "lush life," we are almost positive that you didn't mean that kind of lush. There are better ways to meet fellow lonely saps just like yourself, or better yet, desirable folks with real lives who actually enjoy their own company. But who are we to pretend that a fringe benefit at either of these two events isn't the potential for a hot summer hookup?

  • The Single Parent Resource Network meets this Sunday, July 30, 2pm, at United Methodist, 600 Trinity, to discuss future potlucks, fundraisers, freeschool and community space, and their sexy bulk food club, among other topics. 476-2906.

  • Geeks, it's your week, seeing as High Tech Happy Hour meets twice: Thursday, July 27, 6-10pm, at Sam Hill Waterfront Grill and Friday, July 28, 5:30-9pm at the Cool River Cafe at MoPac & Parmer. The Armstrong Community Music School of the Austin Lyric Opera will be the beneficiary of the Friday HH. 472-5927x118. end story

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